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This writer dressed like a Coachella festival-goer for an entire work week — see the looks

Courtesy KYLEEN JAMES / InStyle

What came first, the flower crown, or Coachella? Everyone’s favorite music festival and fashion show hybrid kicks off tomorrow, and if you want to play a fun game, take a drink for every person you spot in a flower crown or equally-ostentatious headgear.

I have been to one music festival total in my life, and it was Bonnaroo in 2004, before Bonnaroo and the idea of festival wear became cool. That being said, wearing anything other than a t-shirt and denim shorts to see bands outside in peak heat and humidity was a lost concept on me. In preparation for Southern California’s biggest music event second to the Grammys, my hilarious boss Ruthie presented an idea to me. What if I dressed up like I was going to Coachella for a week, but didn’t actually go? Before she could even finish the phrase “Flash tat,” I was down. I will take any excuse to dress up and make a fool of myself—Halloween is actually one of my favorite holidays. You see so many stories about what to wear to the big event, despite that the outfits are far from practical, not to mention, festival trends that should die. I was planning to wear them all, with the exception of anything walking the line of being culturally insensitive, because appropriation gets on my nerves. It’s 2017, you guys! Do better!

Doing this assignment was so much fun. Although I probably wouldn’t wear a lot of these combinations in real life, it made me realize how boring my current wardrobe had become—New York winters tend to do that to you. My coworkers also saw a very different side to me that very few have seen, because let’s be real, a lot of festival wear is basically lingerie.

Come with me, dear reader, on a journey not to the Coachella desert, but to the InStyle offices where I pranced around in festival wear for an entire work week.

Day 1

Courtesy KYLEEN JAMES / InStyle

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Day one doing anything is so intimidating, right? On the first day of my freshman year of high school, I was convinced all the super-cool seniors would hate on my Limited Too getup and shove me in a locker as every teen movie led me to believe, but I digress.

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