Worst Interview in the History of Sleepwalking

Well December has arrived in a wave of pumpkin pie, falling leaves, and not having to shave your legs because you get to wear pants every day (just me?). But December also means a month of holidays where we not only get to spend time with family, but focus on what really matters: giving and receiving presents. Because yay family but DOUBLE YAY presents! If you’re still looking for the perfect something for a friend or family member, buy them a copy of Mike Birbiglia’s new movie Sleepwalk With Me. That way, even if they don’t want it, YOU get to watch Sleepwalk With Me. And trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Still on the fence? Perhaps this non-AWARD WINNING interview with the star and writer of the film will change your mind! (Spoiler alert, it’s pretty bad so it probably won’t change your mind. But you were already planning on buying it, right? Right.)
Enjoy and happy holidays!