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Worst Day Ever

You know those days when you’re just feeling kinda poopy, but then you shrug it off and talk yourself out of it. Then you get to work or school and something really crummy just makes that poopy feeling fifteen-times worse. So you’re like, okay, I can deal but man am I bummed. Then, when you’re managing but barely, something else happens that just makes you want to bawl your eyes out and debauch? It’s a “worst day ever” for the books. Well those days, it’s almost impossible to find a silver lining. Yes, other people in the world probably have bigger problems and yes, things could always be worse, but everyday life can be rough. In times like these sometimes the best practice is not to try and be super-human and suck it up, or trudge through it savoring the agony. It’s to first know you are having a normal, logical reaction: how else should you be? This day is terrible. And second, take one step in a positive direction.

This is a catch phrase that can be easily recalled when you’re having a hard time dealing, let alone doing. Just remember: positive action, positive action. It doesn’t matter what it is. Do your dishes. Do your nails. If you are relaxed by the outdoors, go outdoors. If you have been feeling bad about not exercising, do a 20-minute work out – anything that is productive or healthy, that you know will feel like a life-improving step. Make it easy on yourself and choose something simple. Because when you’re waist-deep in the mud and sinking, the best thing to do is anything helpful. Grab onto a branch. Don’t analyze if or why or how. Just grab one.

If you’re in a day that’s getting worse by the minute, find a way to give yourself some “you-time”. It’s for the good of everyone, not just you. Know yourself well enough to know when you need a break and find a way to take it. If you need to make an excuse, do it. Giving that gift to yourself and affirming its importance is in itself a positive step. It’s kind of like saying, “Don’t worry, me, I’ll take care of you. Your happiness is important.” It makes you feel worthy as a person if you treat yourself like a priority. Yes, we can all get through a bad day without doing things like this, but why suffer unnecessarily? There are habits you can set up for yourself that will promote healthier, speedier recoveries in the worst-days to come. Think of it as an apple-a-day kind of practice. You’re going to be saving more time for the “more important things” like work, if you make it a priority to support yourself as a human.

When you’re stuck inside a bad day the world and life can feel hopeless. Even if you know it’s just the day that’s bad, it does little in the way of relief. Just keep it simple. Don’t try and solve it all at once. Just take one step in a positive direction, and you’ll see the world from a vantage point that’s one step closer to manageable and clear. One step closer to thinking, “It’s sunny outside today.” Or “Oh yeah, I’m actually looking forward to my weekend.” Or, “Man, I really did handle that well, all things considered.” Or maybe even, “Actually, I think I’m pretty okay.”

Happy, happy Sunday, my love to you all! Enjoy your day today. xox Sarah

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