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World Of Warcraft: It's A Secret To Everybody… Else

There are at least ten million people on planet Earth that speak a secret language.  The language… of Warcraft.

It’s not often you find another person who speaks this language in “real life”.  And if you do, it gets real pretty fast.

I told you about “Game Slang“, but that was just a beginners glossary.  Every game shares a universal language, each specific game will carry it’s own lingo, and many games pay homage to one another in the form of memes.  But no MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) has been more successful than World of Warcraft with creating their own language.  It’s near impossible to explain this vast phraseology to anyone who hasn’t played the game.  Until now.  I’m no Rosetta Stone or psychologist, but I will attempt a Warcraft translation.

In one of the most rare encounters ever caught on tape, two Warcraft players met in an unlikely circumstance:  a speed dating TV show called “The World Series Of Dating” on the BBC.  Let’s watch these two potential love birds melt into their own happy little world much to the announcers’ confusion:

Many of you may be thinking the same way as the announcers… “What was that all about?”

Let me translate:

These two were totally excited to hear that the other played World of Warcraft and were immediately interested:


Oh my God, we’re two players!

Nervous Marcus:

Oh no way… oh my God.  This is mental.


What’d you play?  Oh, you’ve properly excited me now!

“Properly excited”, eh?!  Sounds like “Nervous Marcus” just turned into “Awesome Marcus”!  As any serious Gamer would do, Awesome Marcus had to find out just how “fluent” this Girl was in his language:

Awesome Marcus:

“Are you, like… 85?”



Awesome Marcus:

“Yea… Do you Raid?”

Loaded question there, Awesome Marcus!  “85” refers to the highest level obtainable in the game.  “Raiding” is one of the ways a level “85” character can play the game.  Every so subtly, like his Gnome Rogue, Awesome Marcus wanted to know if this adorable Girl was up to his standards of play.

Competitive Raiding takes a great deal of skill and requires a serious understanding of language in order to properly communicate.  This form of gameplay involves:

1)  25 knowledgeable and consistent people…

2)  who are all online…

3)  at the same time…

4)  from all over the world…

5)  to defeat a digital bad guy…

6)  over a Skype-type phone system.

AKA very complex.

Here’s what’s really funny about this video:  “Awesome Marcus” becomes “Even More Awesome Marcus”:

Even More Awesome Marcus:

While I was in college, not to be… well, this actually sounds big-headed, but I was actually in one of the top Guilds… do you know “Method”?


Yea… You were in “METHOD”?!

Never in the history of the world this has ever happened before – a guy IMPRESSED a girl by totally NAME DROPPING a top ranked World of Warcraft Guild.

Hilarious.  A virtual *High-Five* to Marcus for dissolving his nerves and finding his stride.  And bigger props to that adorable Girl who hopefully won’t find an “Undercover Elitist” on her hands 😉  But that’s another story for another day.  Best of luck to the two of them!


Featured Image Via: CafePress