When I exercise, I tend to stick to running or yoga – movement that doesn’t require a machine. Exercise equipment intimidates me. They look so confusing and when I’m under pressure or feel like people are watching me, something happens to me and I turn into a complete idiot. I become, not only incapable of doing things correctly but I also am unable to logically figure out how to do it.

So for today’s gallery, I decided to take a look at some of the more strange exercise equipment in hopes of inspiring myself and others scared of gym equipment to give it a go. Because no matter how weird you may feel attempting to use the Bowflex, there is no way you would look as weird as the person doing the Shake Weight.


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  1. I always wanted a gazelle… Even looking at the picture, which is ridiculous, I think it looks like fun, haha

  2. I spent a long time being self conscious and being afraid of looking like a noob. But then something clicked and I realized I could ask people, and often they are willing to help. It is really liberating to lead with, “I don’t know what I’m doing.” I have recently, with the help of handy iPhone apps and a patient hubs, started doing free weights and I really love it. Good luck learning your way around!!

  3. Hahaha, the AB-hancer…chicks dig it!

  4. It’s Elaine’s Face Bra from “Ally McBeal”!

  5. I tend to stick to machines that I can really get a hold of with my hands and feet (elipticals and rowing). If I get on any of the weight machines, I just avoid eye contact with anybody…and ever since I whacked my knee falling off the stationary bike, I just leave those alone.

  6. It looks like a roasting pan rack.

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