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Work It: Holidaze Edition

It’s no secret that trying to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine during the holidays is really tough. Schedules are thrown out the door, there are more holiday parties than you even want to think about. And somehow everyone in the office thinks it’s a good idea to bring in their latest baked amazingness. How can you say no to a frosted Santa?

I’ve assembled a few tips and tricks to help you from busting your gut or slipping into a sugar coma.

1. Stay active!
No matter what to-die-for marathon is on TV, keep yourself active. Okay, watch ten episodes of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ – but do it while you’re wrapping presents, cooking something, or diving into a new project. This way, your mind is busy and you’ll feel less inclined to just sit on the couch all day.

2. Sign up for a holiday themed run/walk
There is bound to be a Christmas, or holiday, themed run near you, wherever you may live. Think names like “Jingle Bell Jog” and “Santa Dash.” Most are bound to be a 5k or 10k distance and probably encourage you to get your holiday cheer on and dress up! This is a great way to keep it moving, but also to bond with friends or family.

3. Power walk that mall
A million and one holiday gifts to buy? Take advantage of that mall time and plan out your course. Need something from Macy’s? Park as far away as you can. Then go to the next furthest store, and so on. Zig zag across that mall until your face is as red as Rudolph’s nose and you’re sweatier than you’d care to admit. It may not be pretty, but hey, it beats going to the gym after the mall.

4. Find a holiday work out buddy
All of the above things would be much easier to accomplish if you had a partner in crime. This goes for working out in general and is usually the number one tip given to those just starting to exercise.

5. Take advantage of holiday deals
While most of the gym deals come January first, there are still bound to be sales on gym memberships, work out DVDs and all sorts of exercise equipment. Looking at a set of kettlebells or that new Jillian Michaels workout? This might just be the perfect time.

6. Reward Yourself
Sometimes you need to ignore tips 1 through 5 and just have fun. Watch a little TV, indulge in some decadent holiday treat. No matter what damage you may do one day or during the whole season, remember that you’re only human. Beating yourself up never accomplishes anything except making you feel worse. Tomorrow is another day to hit the gym or give up sugar or do whatever it is you’re trying to do.

Happy Holidays!

Image from UNC Gazette

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