Word of the WeekWord of the Week: #RackBlaire Bercy

Dear, sweet Rack. You are the chameleon of financial slang and I love you.

Rack(s) refers to money in thousand dollar amounts.

The current popular slang perception is:

Stack Rack = $1,000

Since not very many people have multiple 100 bills in stacks of $10,000 to sing about, a Rack usually refers to only $1,000. Originally, a Rack was a stack of $100 bills that total $10,000, but due to the frequency of the use of Rack in songs like ‘Racks on Racks’ and *’Rack City’, most people refer to $1,000 as a Rack

“I need about 3 Racks for a down payment on my car.”

“Heeey, just filed my taxes and I should be getting a Rack back!”

*Rack City is a slang term for Las Vegas where, in a casino, you can get ‘racks’ of chips to gamble with in racks of $1000 so in Rack City a Rack usually means $1,000. 

So go, hustle hard, and remember to stack your racks (that means save your $).


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