Wonderful Things That Never Happen On My Morning Commute

I tweet a lot about how commuting is the absolute worst. Unless you love walking through hot passages and making eye contact with toothless people, I don’t recommend a trip through the underground tunnels of NYC. I can’t even begin to explain how much I wish I could Apparate from place to place, but unfortunately Apparation isn’t real (and neither is anything from Harry Potter- which I am coming to terms with).

Even though my commute is one of the few times I’m by myself, it’s also one of the few times I get to hold hands with a stranger and that’s not in my top five list of things to happen on my way to work. So instead I have compiled the following list of wonderful things that never happen on my commute.

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1. The Hogwarts Express pulls up instead of the 6 train! How wonderful! Instead of being taken to 68th Street, I am taken to the beautiful Hogwarts campus where I can forget the dull breakfast I packed because I’m given a delicious buffet made by house elves that have been freed (but have decided to work for Hogwarts anyway)! My boss says it is okay if I don’t come in and I should enjoy myself. I spend the day roaming the campus and going to Hogsmeade with my new wizard friends. I write an insightful blog post about the experience when I get home. Everyone is jealous.

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2. I pick a seat on the bus and as usual, someone left behind a piece of trash, I pick it off the seat only to discover it’s a winning lottery ticket! Hooray! I decide to keep it a secret and I am lucky enough to quietly claim the prize without the press knowing. First I make donations and pay off student loans and with the remaining money I buy my mom and house by the beach and hire a private car/jet for myself so I never have to commute again.

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3. I’m stuck on the 5 train “due to train traffic ahead” when all of a sudden a nice baker with rosy cheeks and a round belly (not unlike Santa Claus) strolls through the car and gives out free, warm French bread from his brown wicker basket. Delightful! What can beat fresh, hot carbs? NOTHING.

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4. I’m on the ferry listening to boring music on my iPod when the ferry becomes a fun cruise ship! I head to the dining room for a great meal and a nice cruise employee keeps trying to take my picture while I eat. There will be all inclusive food and drinks on the top deck and when I retire to my cabin I will find a fun towel dolphin wearing my sunglasses or maybe a towel dog wearing my sunglasses or maybe a towel bat wearing my sunglasses. It’s fun! Just go with it!

5. If none of the above happens, okay. I can accept that IF, and only if, Mayor Bloomberg himself offers me an award for best train rider of the day. I win a digital camera and some cash prize money and a lively party is thrown in my honor. I get to wear a new dress and pose with the C-list celebrity who was invited. There will be a photo booth and I send my mom a good picture from the night so she can put it on the fridge. (I also get a key to the city. Because why not?)

(In all honesty though, I love the subway system. I think it’s genius. Well done, humans.)


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