Women Unite for Equal Rights

When women take the time to unite it’s truly a beautiful thing. For realzies, it’s kind of the best. Second to gourmet cheese and a toasted baguette, it doesn’t really get any better. What am I yammering about? Let me explain…

A few months ago, Occupy Wall Street came along and changed a friend of mine’s life. That friend is Hellogiggles contributor and overall fantastic human being Melissa Stephens.  She quickly learned about the poor decisions of this country and decided that she didn’t want her well-being left up to complete strangers appointed to office. Now, don’t panic, this is for women to unite, so stay with me. Stay with me.

She got involved in Occupy and began to listen, read and take notice. In her opinion, it was exciting.  She realized that she had a voice and a desire to have it heard.   A few months ago, when news stories began to surface about women’s health care rights — something she took for granted because she always had the luxury of having it — she got angry, hurt and mostly, let down. She heard murmurs of men talking about what she could or couldn’t do for her body and legitimately became terrified enough to make a difference.

In the last few months, she got involved in Unite Against the War on Women. Soon after, many other women just like her (myself included, along with UCB Corps) became addicted to letting our voices be heard for a proper cause. This past weekend there was National March and Rally across the country. For Los Angeles, it was held in Pershing Square in Downtown, LA and I had the exceptional honor of hosting a number of speakers, activists and comedians in a rally to promote education for women’s rights.

Melissa had contacted HelloGiggles because as an empowering female website, she knew they would care.  And without hesitation, co-founders Sophia Rossi and Molly McAleer were there to support and speak on behalf of a site dedicated to the positivity in women. They joined comedian Sarah Silverman, Jan Perry, comedian Zach Galifinakis, Councilman Jerry Tetalman, Planned Parenthood and many personal stories from the people of the community who took the streets for something bigger than themselves. The In From Out of Towners, a local band featuring Rosa Pullman and Mitch Grainger with special guest Maesa Pullman (greatest folk band to ever live), entertained the crowd as food trucks kept the guests happy and filled with love. This is not where the rally ends, so anytime you want to educate yourself on the cause and get involved feel free to visit the Facebook event page for more details.

The second we all began to get involved the passion and enthusiasm for what was right for women couldn’t be denied. From our Funny or Die video starring Susan Sarandon that Melissa and I wrote, to the hysterical sign making in order to our point across, to intense home videos used merely to get the facts straight from comedian @JoseylnHughes and company, we let people know that if there was/is a War on Women, those whom have declared it will in fact lose… and we will do it in kitten heels and gel tips.  Be well everyone, you look adorable today.

If you are a woman, a girl, a husband, a partner, a friend or just a human being that wants to get involved, contact your local movement for the next time around which can be found at Unitewomen.org. Also, you can follow them on twitter at @WOWCALI and @NatlWOW.

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Images via unitewomen; via Kulap

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