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This woman's Maxine Waters Twitter cake proves the congresswoman is having her moment

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After coming out of a briefing in January, California Rep. Maxine Waters went viral after telling a gaggle of reporters that everything was classified, but that FBI director James Comey had “no credibility.” Although Waters has been serving her district since 1990, that moment of shade throwing (she just walked away from the podium looking annoyed afterwards) has made her everyone’s new favorite congresswoman. She’s so popular that one woman had a custom Maxine Waters cake made for her birthday. Sabrina Hersi Issa, the CEO of Be Bold Media, posted a picture of her coconut layer cake from Cakeroom in D.C. Instead of mere frosting, the cake depicted a tweet from Waters, profile picture and all.

It read, “I am a strong black woman. I cannot be intimidated and I’m not going anywhere.”

Issa said that the cake was hilariously involved in a mix-up, too. She told Mic:

“When I went to pick it up I found out there was a mix-up at the shop and they accidentally sent my cake to the wrong customer! Can you imagine getting this out of context? To the casino manager dude celebrating his 40th birthday and was expecting a cake replicating a poker table, I hope you enjoyed Maxine’s cameo to your party!”


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