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This woman created a line of temporary tattoos for those coping with mental illness

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It’s Mental Health Awareness Week in the U.K. and we’ve found the perfect gift for your loved ones who are dealing with mental illness — whether they’re in the states or across the pond. These Band-Aid-inspired temporary tattoos promote self-care in the best way possible. Created by Francesca Timbers, you can buy her tattoos for anyone in your life who needs a loving reminder about how special they are.

The British Timbers created her company Motivational Tattoos after she had her own battle with mental health. As she explains on her Etsy page, she was about to graduate with her psychology degree from the University of London in 2011 when she started losing her eyesight. She was diagnosed with optic neuritis — which is sometimes the first indicator of multiple sclerosis — and this diagnosis left her dealing with anxiety and depression. During this time, she even considered suicide. As Timbers wrote:

“What I felt in that moment; helpless, trapped, like I was in a burning building, and this was the only way out. This is something *many* people have felt at some point in their lives, but considering so many people experience it, we hear so little about it.”

She used her experience to create her simple, yet incredibly helpful, products. As she told Mashable, “Dealing with my mental illness has been one of the loneliest experiences of my life, so realising there are other people out there, who feel the same, and connecting with them over this project has been amazing.”

'This Too Shall Pass.' Love this photo from @lifeloveandocd 💛💙

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