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This woman made $11,000 off of Delta flight delays, proving that she's the ultimate flight delay kween

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One Delta passenger turned a bad experience at New York City‘s Laguardia Airport into a rare lucrative opportunity this past weekend and made $11,000 off of repeated flight delays.

After storms plagued Delta Air Lines with system-wide delays and cancelations last week, Laura Begley Bloom and her family headed to the airport on Friday for a planned long weekend trip to Fort Lauderdale, hoping that the worst of the disruptions had already passed.

But after many hours and delays, Delta gate agents began asking for volunteers to give up seats on the Blooms’ overbooked flight, which already had 60 standby passengers stranded from cancelations over the previous two days.

At first, Bloom says she ignored the offer, but once an announcement for $900 per seat was made, her husband approached the agent to say that he, his wife, and their 4-year old daughter would be willing to give up their seats for $1,500 a piece. The agent made a counteroffer of $1,350, which is the maximum amount an airline is able to compensate a passenger under U.S. law.

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They were also told they would be re-booked on a flight leaving LaGuardia Airport early the next day. So the Blooms went home with $4,050 in gift cards, not bad considering that they’d originally paid $650 for each of the three seats.

But when Bloom went to check-in for their flights online Saturday morning, she saw that their new flight had already been delayed.

“I turned to my husband and said, ‘Cha-ching!,’” Bloom said. By the time they got to the airport, the airline had already started asking for volunteers. Again, they waited as the offers increased from $300… $600…$900…$1,000…and finally, $1,300 per seat, when they jumped and collected another $3,900 in gift cards.

The Delta agents also threw in lunch at $15 each and $50 in round-trip taxi fare for the ride home.

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