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This woman was fired from her job because she was too attractive, and hold on a sec we need to process this

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Women have faced a whole lot of discrimination in the workplace that men will never understand. We’re sexually harassed more often (79 percent of sexual harassment victims are female, while 17 percent are male, AWARE reports) we’re judged by what we wear, and, oh yeah, we’re paid less than men are (women of color face even worse discrimination in the workplace — according to American Progress, Hispanic or Latina women earned 54 percent of what men earned in 2013, black women earned 64 percent of what men earned that year, and white women earned 78 percent of what men earned).

A 24-year-old woman from London knows about this unfair treatment firsthand, since she was just fired from her job for — brace yourself — being too attractive. We swear we didn’t just make that up.

Emma Hulse is a camera operator who freelances for TV companies in London, and when she arrived at a recent 8.5 hour shift at UNIT TV, she received a text from her agent telling her she was no longer needed at the job. That’s when she approached the manager, who accused her of looking like a model.

Emma told the Evening Standard about the experience. “I got there and spoke to the line manager and he asked me, ‘are you a model? Are you not doing catwalks, why are you not at the front of house?’” she said.

She was subsequently sent home, which is the first time she’s ever been asked to leave work because of her appearance. “I was wearing a lipstick, but from my perspective I was not inappropriate. I was wearing a shirt and trousers. I really didn’t think I looked inappropriate,” she said.

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