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The woman who bravely fought off her attacker has a powerful message for anti trans people trying to use her story

Do not mess with Kelly Herron. Two weeks ago, Kelly Herron’s attacker tried to overtake her in a public restroom. But the surprised attacker didn’t know he had met his match in the extremely brave woman. Herron used self-defense moves that she learned in class to protect herself. She fought until she could get out of the situation. And, she was physically hurt. But her spirit remained strong.

She shared what happened on her personal Instagram page. Her story inspired many women to fight. And it motivated other women to learn similar self-defense tactics.

Unfortunately, an anti-trans group, called Just Want Privacy, used the the badass fighter’s story to defend a discriminatory bathroom bill.

But Herron sent a message to them.

Herron shared that she yelled, “Not today mother——!” to her attacker in the bathroom. And those are the same words she’s using to the group who are trying to twist her story. Just Want Privacy pushed Herron’s story to explain why the state shouldn’t allow transgendered people to use the bathroom of their choice.

Herron released a statement on The Stranger that makes it clear how she feels about her story being used to push this political agenda.

She said, “To the people behind I-1552, I say ‘not today, mutherf——-.’ I refuse to allow anyone to use me and my horrific sexual assault to cause harm and discrimination to others.”

And she made it clear her situation was very different from what was being outlined in this bill.

First of all, Herron’s attacker does not identify as a transgender person.

And secondly, none of his actions were legal.

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