Winter Warmer: Welsh Chimps Like Blankets and Tea, Just Like Us!

Y’all, it’s cold in America. It’s cold in Europe. It’s cold EVERYWHERE (except, you know, for the places it’s not). And while humans have the luxury of heaters and Snuggies and delicious cocoa, animals in the wild aren’t so lucky. On the bright side, zookeepers at the Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary have had a bright idea: why can’t the animals be cozy, too? Check out Nakima, a chimp at the centre who loves hot tea and snuggly blankets during the cold snap. CUTEST EVER.

  • Catrin Morgan

    Not only did my mother show my sister and I this in the newspaper yesterday but we’re from/live in Wales, not to far from Swansea. As sad as it is, I’m so happy to see Wales on this amazing site! 😀

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