Winter Style Guide: Cute & Cozy

Obviously everybody wants to keep warm during these chilly winter days, but that doesn’t mean that you have to cover up your individual style to fight the cold weather. I love to express my own fashion and come up with new ideas, and I also love the holidays and the warm drinks that come with it!  This year I feel like I have mastered the “cute and cozy” look without hiding my true style. I have a few clothing staples that I don’t go anywhere without, not even school! First is just a huge knit cardigan or pullover. Second would be a classic pair of booties (try to stay with a neutral color like black, brown or grey). Third is just a great comfy scarf, all of my scarves are towards the darker side like black, blue, grey or brown. Lastly is a beanie – these hats look good on basically anyone and really do keep your head warm! Then you can just finish this outfit with a great pair of leggings or jeans.

This might not seem like enough warmth for the people who actually live in snow, but since I live in California, it does get pretty cool here at night.  If you need to add gloves or a coat to this that’s totally fine, and remember that these are just some suggestions to help guide you. You are meant to put your own style into this outfit and have fun experimenting with different looks!



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