Wine TimeWine Time Season Two, Episode One: Bianco Pinot Grigio with Molly McAleerMarissa A. Ross

Wine Time is a weekly review on cheap wine with HG blogger, Marissa A. Ross. This week’s review features Francis Ford Coppola Presents: Bianco Pinot Grigio. Directed & Edited by Bennett Smith. Special thanks to Molly McAleer and Mike Bauman. Featuring “Blame” by Monster Rally. Catch more of Marissa’s misadventures in amateur wine tasting on her blog, Wine. All The Time. Video best viewed in 720p HD.


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  1. I was maybe going to not drink wine tonight when I go out. This video has convinced me of the right thing to do though…wine time it is. :)

  2. I am sad that I did not hear of this before! I hope that there will be many more videos! I can’t wait to try Bianco Pinot Grigio!

    • Ahaha, thank you Dana! <3 And yes Beth, you're in luck. There is actually another ten episodes. You can see them all if you click the category button "Wine Time" above the title up there too. Glad you enjoyed it! xo

    • Lucky for you, there was a whole season before this. Even luckier for you, they are store here for your viewing pleasure. Along with Tangents TV. Pardon me while I go add publicist for Marissa A. Ross to my resume.

  3. Mmmm, wine. I’ve had this kind, ’tis tres delicioso, even for someone who prefers reds, like myself. Wine Time = my new fave, yo!

  4. love wine time so much! & thank you for introducing me to monster rally!

    • MONSTER RALLY IS MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD! I’ve loved a lot of music, but his is stuff I can always go back to and is perfect for every situation ever. So glad you enjoy it too!

  5. So glad Wine Time is back!

  6. Molls lashes are lookin ON POINT!

  7. This was so much fun. Thanks for having me on the show, Marissa! :D I’m glad Wine Time is back.

  8. OMG I HAVE MISSED THESE. I am always whining (ba dum cha) about how sad I am that there haven’t been any wine time videos haha <3

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