Wine TimeWine Time Episode Seven: Blackburn & James Red Blend, With Special Guest Almie RoseMarissa A. Ross

Now with fixed audio! Oops, my bad, ya’all. Love, Marissa.

Wine Time is a weekly review on cheap wine with HG contributor, Marissa A. Ross. And by cheap we mean, under ten dollars, so, yeah, cheap. This week’s review features Blackburn & James Red Blend. Special thanks to guest Almie Rose. Featuring “The Wolf” by Monster Rally.


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  1. can i just say, that when marissa said they were chugging it out of a canteen, i suddenly remembered the scene in “Three Amigos” when Chevy Chase drinks, bathes and spits the last of the water from the canteen while steve and martin stare at him. Then i imagined it was wine.

    i mean that’s probably how it happened in real life right?

  2. Enjoy wine time so much that sometime I am singing Wine Time! Love the show.

  3. okay- this wine has been my summer jam. for real! it’s only $7 at TJs and it never fails. i have sipped it, gulped it, and chugged it from the bottle and i can attest to and back up what the ladies say: worth it.

  4. marissa i love you! (almie too!)

  5. can i PLEASE join you for your next Wine Time episode?!!! Too much fun!

    • Omg, girl. I think that is a brilliant idea. I’m trying to do one a month with a guest. We should get together one night for an off-the-record wine time & discuss. :)

  6. Wine time is my favorite time. But WHY is it only every other week?! Regardless, another great episode.

    • Aw girl, I truly wish I could. I love doing them! Unfortunately, I have like three jobs right now and just flat out don’t have the time to film & edit them on such a quick turn around. Hopefully one day Hello Giggles is my job & I can go back to doing them on the reg’. Thanks for watching. <3 xo

  7. I have been patiently waiting for a new episode and this one did not disappoint. The two of you together, well it was almost too much awesomeness to handle.

  8. Finally a new episode! Top notch episode ladies, top notch.

  9. Sort of in love with Wine Times… Excellent review, ladies.