Wine TimeWine Time Episode Four: Ravenswood Vinter's Blend ZinfandelMarissa A. Ross

Wine Time is a weekly review on cheap wine with HG blogger, Marissa A. Ross. And by cheap we mean, under ten dollars, so, yeah, cheap. This week’s review features Ravenswood Vinter’s Blend Zinfandel . Special thanks to Bennett Smith & Breanna Murphy. Featuring “The Birds (Parts 1 & 2)” by Monster Rally.


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  1. Hey, I feel like you need someone to banter with about wine on your show. I am your woman.
    Just saying.. Dude co-host.

  2. “you wouldn’t invite over at 2pm on a weekday to get drunk with you, it wouldn’t understand..” LOVE it! Your wine time is my kind of time!

  3. Great analogy with the dinner party! And I have to say, your wine-drinking arm definition is also impressive.

  4. I find it a little hard to be able to chug any kind of red wine. But it doesn’t mean it’s not my favorite…also, Can I be a dinner party friend?

  5. Damn, i love wine times, yours and mine =)

  6. I’ve been watching these with my roomie, we’re both in Scotland for the summer and they sell store brand wine here. Dont remember seeing that in the states but the grocery store has their own wine! And its usually less than (the equivalent of) like $5! If you had an alley, this wine would be up in there. Anyway long story short is every time I get a bottle of cheap Tesco brand wine I think to myself, I am enjoying the wine times, times of my life times, then I laugh to myself. So basically thanks. haha

  7. Wine time has become my favorite time… I bought some Beringer Sauvignon Blanc the other day (upon your recommendation) and it was FAB. Also, I’m a dinner party friend so Ravenswood is now on my shopping list… Vons Club<3

  8. If we’r ever in the same room together, 60% of the words out of our collective mouths will be “dude”, dude.

    • And weirdly, it’d still be 60% more interesting than any other conversation in the room.

      Marissa A. Ross | 6/15/2011 09:06 pm
  9. Sorry Ravenswood but burning sensations are never a good thing in my book. On another note, I downloaded Monster Rally’s Deep Sea EP after hearing them on your last post and love it! Their tunes are the perfect backdrop to an afternoon martini party of 1.

    • Well, the burn only is when you chug it. If you’re just drinking it like a normal person, it’s a really lovely wine.

      DUDE, MONSTER RALLY IS MY FAVORITE! He’s such a cool dude & his tunes are so amazing. I am so beyond stoked that you downloaded it. If anything that makes these videos worth it, because he was kind enough to give me permission to use them. That EP will definitely accentuate your summer! :)

  10. OMG girl that sweet FCP action!!

  11. I get so excited when I see Wine Time posts on my facebook feed.

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