Wine Time

Wine Time Episode Eight: Sutter Home Gewurztraminer

Wine Time is a weekly review on cheap wine with HG blogger, Marissa A. Ross. And by cheap we mean, under ten dollars, so, yeah, cheap. This week’s review features Sutter Home Gewurztraminer. Special thanks to Max Chapman Sweeney and Berlioz, the cat. Featuring “Swanky” by Monster Rally. This video is best viewed in 730p.

  • Rachel Melo

    I LOVE these videos, I can’t even tell you how much. And a huge plus is that very handsome cat. More guest appearances from him, please!

  • Elizabeth Sankey

    ah love marissa a ross.

  • Haley Teske

    not that they particularly deserve to be called wines, but a review of Boone’s Farm and/or Mad Dog 20/20 would be comedic gold. and if you’re going to commit to buying the Mad Dog, may I suggest the flavor “Bling Bling?” it’s electric blue.

  • Bonnie Birdsell Williams

    Wine Time is maybe my favorite HelloGiggles feature. Love it! Also, love how many Beatles books you have that also grace my bookshelves.

  • Shaylynn Middlenameless Kilfoyle

    Marissa. Awesome. Ross. You found one you didn’t like! I was excited, because I was wondering what your reaction would be when you found one. I find one all the time, and I usually spit it back into my cup, and am really lady-like about it.

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