William, Kate… and Royal Baby Makes Three!

It’s about to get real, y’all: Wills & Kate are expecting their first child!

There are a lot of exciting things in life, like the Olympics, chocolate cake and sleeping in on the weekends, but a royal baby sort of comes higher than all of those in my books (only narrowly beating out the chocolate cake). The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s child won’t just be the first grandchild for Prince Charles and the first great-grandchild for Queen Elizabeth, but he or she will be the continuation of the monarchy and third in line to becoming the King or Queen. That’s not too much pressure or anything, is it?

There have been rumours on a Kate Middleton pregnancy since she and William married in April 2011. Newspapers speculated on when the royal baby would arrive, with many outlets getting it wrong time and time again. However, this time, it’s official! St. James Palace confirmed the happy news on Monday morning, giving everyone – British and non-British alike – a lot to celebrate!

Speculation has already begun on what the lucky little one will be called, with Frances already tipped as the favourite for a little girl – Frances being the middle name of William’s mother, the late Princess Diana – and John, Diana’s father’s name, suggested for a boy. No doubt betting pools are already being started around the world to take a guess at which will come out on top.

Speaking of Diana, Kate’s expected to give birth at a strangely familiar time of year…

Headline courtesy of The Guardian, 1991

Regardless of the baby’s sex or its name, the announcement of William and Kate’s impending parenthood is not just happy news for supporters of the monarchy but also for those who are fans of seeing people who are truly and deeply in love embark upon a journey they have always looked forward to – in this case, starting their own family.

Congratulations, William and Kate! We can’t wait to see your little one in 2013!

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