Will I Meet My Future Husband in a Bookstore?

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working in a pop-up bookstore. For the last couple weeks, I’ve been imagining meeting my future husband there.

He walks in, tall and probably wearing plaid.

After handsomely pursuing the shelves for quite sometime (how is anyone that attractive while pondering?) he comes to the counter where I’m cutely reading a copy of Winesburg, Ohio. He’s buying On the Road, The Unbearable Lightness of Being and One Hundred Years of Solitude. Our eyes meet, the smell of old paper is all around us. We have the exact same taste in books. We’re soul mates.

It turns out we have the same taste in music and movies too. He sings me Bruce Springsteen and quotes Heathers. He also loves Mexican food and his favorite football team is the Steelers. We’re soul mates.

Or are we? Thinking about my dream man who likes all the same things I do, I had to ask myself do I want to date me? Eh, maybe?

A scene in 500 Days of Summer comes to mind. Tom (played by the oh so handsome Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is going on about how he and Summer (played by the lovely Zooey Deschanel) are so compatible because they talked about “Banana Fish” (I love Nine Stories, marry me Joesph Gordon-Levitt) and  Tom’s younger sister, played by Chloe Moretz, says, “Just because she likes the same bizarro crap you do doesn’t mean she’s your soulmate.”

So what are you saying, Chloe? Are you saying tall, Kerouac-Kundera-Garcia Marquez reading, and handsome isn’t my soulmate?

I think the lesson I’m suppose to learn from 500 Days of Summer is that just because a couple has a lot in common doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll have a great relationship that will last. In fact, being in a relationship with someone who likes all the same things as you might be kind of boring. I thoroughly enjoy arguing with guys who like different football teams then me. It can be kind of hot. (Not Ravens fans though. I really just hate you guys.)

But whenever I think about a guy who likes the Smiths, reads “Banana Fish” and looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, all my brain says is soulmate, soulmate, soulmate, soulmate, soulmate, soulmate. With JD Salinger as our witness, marry me on an alter of books!

So what do you all think? Do you think having a lot in common is a good foundation for a relationship? And if not what is? If you like exactly the same things as your significant other are you doomed for a boring, spiceless relationship? Do you think I’ll meet my future husband in a bookstore?

Image by Lee Ziesche

  • http://www.facebook.com/rachel.callihan Rachel Callihan

    My husband and I are practically twins on most things…we even can do the whole knowing each others thoughts without words which is saved for times when we are alone b/c we obviously don’t want everyone to hate us. There are a few things we are different on like foods we like and the best vacation to take. Just enough different to keep things fun. Oh and keep looking, you will totally meet your soulmate at the bookstore.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wtfowl Tahra Gribbin

    One of the reasons my boyfriend and I started dating was he was the only other person I had met who liked Oasis and The Smiths.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=721280182 Eleanor Carlisle

    my husband and I are totally opposite in most ways – he is a very blokey soldier and I am a tree hugging ecologist – however we are similar in music, film and sports – and both hate overt displays of false affection! Oh and he NEVER reads and I read constantly but that doesn’t stop us getting on like a house on fire – he pretends to do manly stuff outside the camper van while I read on the bed!

  • http://www.facebook.com/zoeshit Ale Gv

    is not basic have the same likes, I believe your soul mate is someone who is your complement,  like a piece of puzzle, sometimes form part of the same figure sometimes not but they fit anyway

  • http://www.facebook.com/krist.maloney Kristen Maloney

    I loooove your tank top! Where did you find it?

    • Lee Ziesche

      thanks :) it was a regular t-shirt that I ordered online and cut into a tank.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kryspu Cristina Gomez De Cadiñanos

      you can find a similar one in H&M, i have one and loved it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bialealcraveiro Beatriz Leal Craveiro

    I don’t think liking the same things is the foundation for a relationship, neither it is the death sentence for it. There is no formula… You could say the foundation should be if you look for the future the same way, or if you have the same ethical principles, but still… I think the factors that are relationship-foundation-material are still inexplicable…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003142698875 Chiara Herold

    you’re so cute!
    I love your writing style and the way you look at things.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ziesche Lee Ziesche

    I failed to mention in this piece that if I do meet my soul mate in a book store, I’m pretty sure I lack the flirting skills to take our relationship from customer and merchant to husband and wife. I was talking to a cute, though not soul mate, guy the other day about White Teeth (could he be the nick laird to my zadie smith?) and definitely cut him off while he was trying to flirt with me by telling him how much his books cost.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rachel.johansen2 Rachel Johansen

    You will meet your husband in a random place at a random time when you least expect it and you will fall passionately in love…and he will be a ravens fan

    • Lee Ziesche

      ravens fan, huh? maybe i’m really in love with your husband.

    • http://www.facebook.com/michellejsiegel Michelle Siegel

      Rachel I think he will be a JETS fan!

  • http://www.facebook.com/emma.farley.7 Emma Farley

    Your post reminded me of this advert. Love it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/andra.flatter Andra Flatter

    I’m convinced there has to be a balance. To be my soulmate, he’d like the same “bizarro crap” but he’d also be interested in stuff that I don’t know. I just love fighting about stuff. Most importantly he should have an own opinion:) For instance, if he loves the same books and watches the same movies but eats almost nothing but meat, while I’m a strict vegetarian, we have something to argue about and thus be part of a spiced relationship but still respect each other. Besides, I love your taste in books. JD Salinger is my soulmate for sure 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/morgan.acheson Morgan Acheson

    My Nanna always told me that I would meet someone in a library. This was when she was reading a book by one of the Clintons and learned that Bill and Hillary met in one. She was 97 when she told me this and I listened because she once told me in a letter to have fun in the south (I was living in Savannah) but not to trust the boys as they are very very nice, but aren’t nice to JUST you. Which I found out years later to be completely accurate.
    My mother told me that when I stopped looking I would find him and she was right! Just when I didn’t even think of meeting anyone, didn’t even really want to- I met my boyfriend. 5 years later and we are still together living in a house in Brooklyn. So, I think the trick is to just stop worrying about meeting someone and hang out with yourself because If you just keep thinking of everything he has to be, you will miss out on someone fantastic who has qualities you didn’t even think of.
    Ps- never told my Nanna I met him in a bar haha

    • http://www.facebook.com/morgan.acheson Morgan Acheson

      on a side note, I am an artist from a family of artists raised by artists and he is an accountant. who knew?! haha

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