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Why You Should Take Style Tips From Robots

The other day I realized I was able to watch Netflix and junk from my Xbox. That same day I also realized I can voice command my Xbox. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I can shout at my Xbox and it will do my bidding, within reason. It’s not about to make me a pumpkin pie or kill that cricket in my bathroom or even tell me Netflix’s suggestions for me are actually terrible, but by gum it’ll Play Video, Fast Forward and Pause to my heart’s content. It’s a robot I greatly admire and I hope it will never turn against me.

One of my favorite things is learning from TV and movies, so it’s no surprise I got to thinking of robots that appear on screen and all I can learn from them.

Films and TV have taught us to fear and respect robots, indicating their uprising and rebellion is imminent. It has been foretold we will build quirky robot children (Small Wonder)  or imply they will meld with humans to become zany detectives (Inspector Gadget). There’s really nothing we know for certain about robots, except for one thing: They have great style.

Style inspiration can be found in many places. For example, you can take style inspiration from humans who seem like goddesses, so why not from robots who seem like humans? And so we begin our journey into great robots and their superior fashion choices.

1) Vicki from Small Wonder – Classic

The number one robot style icon? Vicki from Small Wonder.

Unlike needy, creepy kids of more modern robot movies – I’m looking at you A.I. – Vicki was amazing. She was kind of scary because she rarely smiled. If there was one thing I’d program my robot kid to do, it would be smile occasionally for appropriate reasons. But she’s a good robot at heart. At circuit board, I mean. I don’t think robots have hearts. From the two episodes I have on an old VHS tape, she saves a drowning neighbor and unveils a Russian robot who has come to America to win a spelling bee or trivia contest something. Those darned Russians in the ’80s. Always stirring up trouble!

The truly important thing one should note about Vicki is her style. It is classic in that she only really has the one outfit. Note the red dress with puffed sleeves, perfect to transition from a day at school to a night on the town doing robot things like going to robot nightclubs. The pinafore is practical and functional, while still being fashion-forward. She also has a high ponytail accented by a red ribbon. Vicki is truly a master of classic dressing and color-coordinated accessorizing.

2) The Cylons from Battlestar Galactica – Earthy Goddess

Recently I began watching Battlestar Galactica. In addition to being highly addictive, the show also paints a fashionable portrait of robots. To be exact, they’re actually Cylons. But these humanoid Cylons have got some pretty sweet style. I haven’t finished the show so maybe there are further fashionable Cylons afoot, but so far, these humanoid ladies are pretty spot on.

These robo-ladies have got the earthy neutral thing down. These outfits are the perfect look in which to manipulate humans. They’re casual, comfortable and allow for maximum movement and speed. This look would be wonderful to go from Trader Joe’s to a hike in Runyon Canyon. Afterwards you could jump on your bike and head on over to the farm to pick your dinner fresh from the garden. These ladies are fit and fabulous!  Natural hair, a healthy glow and minimal make up nicely round out their look.

You almost forget they’re robots. That is until they start trying to round up world leaders and/or keep chasing you to the ends of the universe in attempt to wipe out our species. The worst part? They’ll look amazing when they do it.

3) BOX from Logan’s Run – Futuristic Glam

Box is the most stereotypical looking robot in this list. He’s square, silver, and flails his arms.

BOX had a one track mind and may seem somewhat evil and prone to trying to kill people, but he was just doing his job. Do you get angry with teachers for trying to make people learn? No! So don’t get angry with BOX for being a grumpy robot obsessed with fish, plankton, sea greens and proteins from the sea. So he says ‘sea’ twice in one sentence – he’s a robot, not a thesaurusbot! He also happens to be a stylebot.

He’s glamorous and attention-seeking. Clad in all silver, he makes no bones about wanting to draw attention to himself. He lives in an ice cave unlike any other robot in history, yet another ploy to seek attention. Robots don’t belong in ice caves, yet BOX makes it work. His silver geometric look is fashion-forward and almost deco in it’s composition. In his metallic monochromatic style, BOX is the one to watch.

4) Inspector Gadget from Inspector Gadget – Old-School Elegance 

Inspector Gadget isn’t technically a robot, but he’s more robot than human so he finds himself on this list.

His look is all about old school elegance. Note his belted trench coat with white button detailing. He wears a hat in all sorts of weather and sets off the grey look with brown gloves. He wears blue cuffed pants to give his look some pizazz and wing tip shoes. This is a man with style for all sexes to emulate. Not to mention the fact that he can get a propeller to shoot out the top of his head. If elegance is your game, Inspector Gadget should be your name.

5) Rosie from The Jetsons – Sexy

The flat out robot queen of sexiness? Rosey the robot.

There’s nothing sexier than a French maid’s outfit and Rosey makes it look especially good. She wears the three accents of white in her hat, collar ruff, and apron. She also wears a black pencil skirt, to keep things chic. Again, make up is minimal so as not distract from her fiery red eyes. Rosey was always in demand in the gentlemen department, but was also happy to chill at home eating junk food with the missus while watching soap operas. Sexy is being yourself and that’s just what Rosie taught us.

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Adapted from an article originally appearing at Gumdrop Lane.

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