Why Shoe Snobs Are Worse Than a Pair of Beat Up Crocs

I don’t care if you wear Crocs. I don’t care if you’re rockin’ some Sketchers Shape Ups, I don’t care if you’re rolling up in man sandals (mandals) or any sort of other shoe that is typically considered some sort of offense. I have an extensive list of things I’m willing to mock people for (nervous talking, offensive hygiene, complete lack of skill and/or ambition), but shoes have never made my list.

It is not the shoes that make the man, or the woman. Of course a sharp pair of dress shoes or a snazzy pair of heels are always appreciated, but for real? Who cares? And more importantly, why do those who care care so very much?

I bet Bill Gates wears horrible shoes. I’d guess the same of Mark Zuckerberg, beekeepers, engineers and nurses. In my personal opinion, the less expensive and flashy your shoes are, the more it is that I want to know about you. And the more you judge someone else for what you perceive to be his or her faux pas? The less I want to know about you.  Please just walk away. I don’t even want to hear about it.

All across the board, those who are more interested in making snap judgments about someone based on something as trivial as their choice in foot covers (which is, by the way, what shoes are. They’re just foot covers because we unfortunately evolved to have soft, pathetic little feet), or their hair cut, or handbag or anything else aesthetic, is a real jerk with real problems.

If you find yourself easily falling into this sort of discrimination fueled by misevaluation of your own worth in comparison to others, know that it’s not the lady in the twelve dollar wedge sandals who’s got the problem. It’s you.

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