Why "Loveline" Is Everything

Often, when I tell people I fall asleep Sunday through Thursday nights to the sweet sounds of Dr. Drew Pinsky’s voice on the radio show Loveline, I’m confronted with one of three responses:

1) “Aw, that’s cute. I listened to Loveline in high school. You’re so funny. Aw.”

2) “You’re gross. Also, can you diagnose this?”

3) “That show is still on?”

And that’s fine. Because me and Dr. Drew, we have our own little thing. I don’t need the public at large to understand or condone it.

For those who only know Drew from his TV shows (Celebrity Rehab, Sex…With Mom and Dad, Lifechangers, etc.), his books (Cracked, The Mirror Effect, etc.) or his impressive biceps, you should know there’s so much more.

Loveline started in 1983 (finally, something relevant in pop culture that predates me. I’m looking angrily at you and your youthful exuberance, Bieber) and Dr. Drew came on board in ’84. The basic idea is listeners call in with questions regarding love, sex, relationships, addiction and more. Dr. Drew gives these poor bastards some guidance with the help of the current co-host and sometimes, a celebrity guest (Seth McFarland and Joel McHale, be still my heart!).

Co-hosts have come and gone, but Drew’s remained a constant. Sure, Adam Carolla is the absolute legend, holding down the position for a solid decade. And I may have had a slight (massive) crush on Stryker, who filled the co-host seat from ’06-’09. And okay, current host Psycho Mike is pretty dreamy too, despite the constant self-deprecating recollections of embarrassing tales from his past years of drug abuse (funnier than you’d think, I promise).

But Drew’s got that show on lock. Nothing fazes the man, and trust me, some of the calls are worth fazing over. Let’s just say I’ve learned far more than I care to disclose about bodily functions and fluids from years of colorful questions. But Drew’s cool nonchalance has become so familiar, so endearing, so comforting, that I literally (Drew hates when people use “literally” inappropriately, i.e. “I literally hit the roof!”) have trouble drifting off to dreamland without the soothing lullaby of his calm baritone (did you know the man sings opera? Because he does!), fielding calls about premature this or engorged that.

So if that nature-themed sound machine isn’t doing the trick or you find yourself counting sheep into the thousands, just reach for your radio (remember those?). Let Dr. Drew and Loveline take you away on a cozy auditory cloud that, okay, sometimes veers into icky discussions of Chlamydia and stuff, but really, is still awesome.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jongean Jonathan Gean

    I used to watch it on TV in the late 90s MTV aired it for an hour late at nite right before Sifl and Olly, which I absolutely adored. I never got into the radio show though glad to hear it’s still on though!

  • http://www.facebook.com/naomiroseprale Naomi Prale

    i used to listen to this on the radio and then they stopped playing it on the local station about 2 years ago. broke my heart!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/liz.haebe Liz Haebe

    My sister and I used to listen to Loveline back in the early 90’s when Poorman was one of the hosts! I thought we were being so rebellious because they were talking about all of these things that I’d never heard of! And then, I totally was hooked on the MTV show. Even my mother was into it! I’ve got a lot of love for Loveline AND for Dr. Drew!

  • http://www.facebook.com/hamilton.jessica Jessica H. Hamilton

    It’s like you read my mind. I try to listen to them every night and when I am going to miss it, I listen to the podcast the gym. Thanks for writing this, sometimes I feel like I’m the only one still tuning in.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michelle.konstantinovsky Michelle Konstantinovsky

    you are not alone Jessica! :)

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