Why LMFAO Had The Best Song Of The Year.

I DMFAO to LMFAO. (D= Dancing!)

Their song ‘Party Rock Anthem’ is the best single of the year. Love it or hate it, when you hear it, all you can think about during its 4:22 minute run time is dancing or those goofy guys who sing it or drinking or why do people like this craziness.

You weren’t thinking of politics or your parents, your credit card bills or your idiot boss. Maybe you even tried to think about what the hell party rock is or what exactly LMFAO stands for, but guess what – you were distracted. You were under their spell. Mission accomplished.

Check it out, music snobs: ‘Party Rock Anthem’ is not terrible. I won’t argue with people about whether it’s a classic piece of musical craftsmanship. Because that’s not what this song is about.

What is this song about, you ask? It’s a song about nothing! (Is it the Seinfeld of songs? Well, no, but it was fun to think about for just a moment!) Just partying, having a good time, dancing, enjoying friends – and who doesn’t love those things?! It even contains the line “Now stop: hatin’ is bad.” Yeah, it is!

Those synths are pretty synth-y, the percussion and hand claps are fun and hey, there are some great vocal melodies happening! Really! But I bet you were too busy singing along at the top of your lungs and maybe spilling a little bit of your drink at the same time to notice and that’s the point. It takes talent to get anyone off their butts and onto the dance floor.

Now, when titles like “Song of the Year” are thrown around, surely someone named Adele pops into everyone’s mind this year. Talk about a powerhouse. And we’ve all sung ‘Rollin in the Deep’ with the deepest conviction possible, from the depths of our soul. But at no point during that song did I think about “shufflin’”. I thought about the rat bastard that broke my heart. And hoped that he did wish he never had met me. As powerful and emotional and girl power-y as that song is, it still harkens back to a dark time of your life, a time when your heart was broken and you really have to tap into that mental space to truly get everything from that song.

Trust me, like any lady (or man, if that wonderful SNL sketch proves to be true) I have those days where I just want to curl up in bed, Adele on repeat, either sobbing it out or shoving sweets into my mouth or both. But any day I’m not crying to Adele, I’m dancing to LMFAO. You need no previous life experience whatsoever to enjoy ‘Party Rock Anthem’, except maybe familiarity with having a good time. Maybe it’s just me, but there is no emotion involved or required and sometimes, especially after a tough year like this, that’s just what you need.

Look, some people love and need music that plugs directly into their heart. And for that, I do strongly recommend Adele’s 21. It is a fantastic album and I hope it cleans up at the Grammys. But for anyone who just needs to get their booty shakin’, ‘Party Rock Anthem’ is the way to go. So go ahead – get over that breakup, Adele by day; best friends, sexy outfits and LMFAO playing in the club by night.

So when you inevitably hear this (many times) at your New Year’s celebrations, I hope you clap, dance, smile, sing and let loose. Don’t think about how the world is ending in 2012 – but do practice those dance skills in case (hopefully!) we turn into dance zombies. Plus, Adele has a lot to celebrate this year and when she wants to shake her booty, I’d bet LMFAO lands on that playlist.

Everybody just have a good time.