Why Jen Lindley Had The Worst Life Ever

Over the summer I re-watched the entire series of Dawson’s Creek (and dove into how it ruined my life) and besides swooning over Joshua Jackson all over again (especially in “Detention”), wanting to be Joey Potter and having a love for James Van Der Beek blossom (tho still not Dawson) I realized something really important.

Jen had the worst life ever.

I’m not saying everyone else’s life is smooth sailing, I know they’ve all had hardships (divorces, mean parents, incarcerated dads, mental issues) but Jen Lindley’s life really seems to take the cake on the scale of Terrible Lives Lived in Capeside.

(If for some reason you haven’t seen this show but have been waiting to watch it on the 20th anniversary or something, look away, spoilers a-coming!)

This is mostly in chronological order but since I’m a human and doing this from memory (no cheating with the internet here, folks!) who knows.

1. Jen lost her virginity, drunk, at 12, to some guy. (I could really end it here but it gets worse)

2. Her parents ship her off to Capeside, MA from NYC at 15 to live with her super-religious grandmother, Grams, who obviously hates her at first but then, spoiler alert, they’re total grandma/granddaughter besties in the end.

3. In Capeside, all the guys just want to bone her but she’s just trying to be a good girl and wants Dawson to be her boy wonder! And she falls in with the Capeside Loser Society and the only other girl in the group is a raging “b” to her at every turn. (Even when Jen wants to help her get fake blood off her chest!)

4. She has a falling out with the Capeside Loser Society and makes friends with resident wannabe bad girl, Abby. They’re sort of besties but sort of hate each other (duh, girls) and then get drunk together and Abby falls off a pier and dies! No, for real.

5. Every time one of the boys of Capeside Loser Society kisses her or flirts with her, she finds out they just want Joey. Dawson loved Jen from the moment she arrived in Capeside and then all of a sudden he finally notices Joey and leaves Jen in the dust. Pacey & Jen try to have a no-strings-attached hook up sitch and really, Pacey is just in love with Joey. Can’t a girl catch a break??

6. She finally gets a genuine, nice boyfriend, Michael Pitt, and he’s 15. And she’s 18. Come ON!

7. Even Nice Boy Boyfriend ends up screwing her over and she’s left to be girl bff to the only Out Teen in Capeside, Jack.

8. She goes off the college, hopefully ditching Capeside Loser Society and meets Charlie (Chad Michael Murray), a hot musician guy but he’s ALSO dating some other girl which she doesn’t find out until later.


10. She’s the one who takes Dawson’s virginity. Gross.

11. When we flash forward to everyone being 26 (I think), she has a one-year-old, the dad left her and she HAS A TERMINAL ILLNESS. I am not joking.

12. SHE DIES before her grandmother (who, by my calculations, is 117), from some crazy heart condition thing.

Jen Lindley, this goes out to you. I hope you’re in a better place now.

Also, duh, I totes still have BOTH the Dawson’s Creek soundtracks on CD!

(Post adapted from this on my tumblr.)