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Why I Love Being a Doctor

Around this time of year, I get a little emo about how much I love what I do. I start feeling pretty thankful. Must be the holidays. I also volunteered with the Step Up Women’s Network the other weekend to talk to high school aged girls about  careers in medicine. It is always great to think about why you love what you do.  Here is a little rundown of why I think it’s pretty awesome to be a physician, or in the healthcare field in general.

 1. I get to look awful every day. Seriously, the thought of keeping people alive is FAR less stressful to me than the idea of PICKING OUT OUTFITS! Doing my hair and make up??? I am getting chest pain thinking of it. I have to get up early, but if I had to look “good” every day, I would be getting up at 3 am! Ugh. Give me my scrubs (basically PJs), ugly orthotic clogs and scrub cap (nope, don’t even have to brush my hair) any day. Bonus point: When I clean up, it’s like WOAH! Set the bar low and you look amazing when you put on eyeliner or something.

 2. I don’t get too upset or stressed out anymore. If no one is bleeding/coding/dying, things are pretty great. And I am always thankful for my health and the health of those that I love.

 3. Going out in public to, say, The Grove or something is a parade of beautiful healthy people. It’s lovely. I enjoy staring more than just about anyone. I just marvel at how peoples bodies work well and they can go about their business and have conversations and buy things. I love it.

 4. I am fluent in medical language, which, as has been proven to me by those blessed medical dramas, sounds pretty BADASS. I also get to use a lot of abbreviations. Did you know LOL was originally Little Old Lady- As in, LOL in NAD (No Apparent Distress)? It always will be to me. Sigh.

5. I got to make CRAAAAZY charts and diagrams with all sorts of pens and notecards. I was a school supply note-taking maven and loved every minute of it. Plus, there is something very monk-like about medical school – you sort of take 4 years of silence, cooped up and studying. That’s a whole lot of getting to know yourself time, ya’ll. Me and me? We’re like THAT (fingers crossed).

6. I have really, really crazy stories. We all do. Things I can’t even tell people, because they would be afraid of me or think I’m a creep or be horrified by medicine in general. But let me tell you, I get my fix as an adrenaline junky. I also satisfy my OCD and my need to take care of people, big time.

7. I have met just about every type of person, because health is the great equalizer and unifier. We all look after and manage our heath (or will have to, at some point). My patients and the people I work with never cease to fascinate me. Hearing about peoples hobbies and talents and careers and families… Awesome! As much as I complain, roll my eyes and say I hate people when they stop their carts in the midde of the aisle at Trader Joes… I really love people. That is why I do this.

8. I can try to help my friends with the black box that is medicine. Hospitals, doctors, whatever… It can be overwhelming. I know it’s crazy when I am on the patient side, even now. I love being able to help my friends a bit here and there. I sobbed straight through the movie 50/50, I never want people to feel confused and alone.

9. I am a fantastic secret keeper. I seriously can’t even remember people’s private medical issues. It’s like my brain has an autodestruct button once I no longer need private information. The brainwashing is that good.

10. A long week in a hospital makes tipsy gossipy brunches, shopping, sleeping, vacation and movie watching THAT MUCH MORE FUN.

Well, Happy Holidays, HelloGiggles!!! I wish you love, health and happiness. Thanks for reading.

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