Let's Get Political

Why I Care About Voting

When you think about it, it doesn’t seem like casting one vote matters all that much. Elections are rarely decided by one vote, even in a swing state. But what if everyone thought that way? What if a large group of people were all, ‘hey, you guys got this, right?’ Someone would get it, but it might not end up being the guys (and gals) you wanted to get it.

This year, I feel, more than I’ve ever felt before, that either outcome of this election has the potential to make our country very different. Sure, both candidates seem fairly similar towards the end of the campaign, but it’s because they’re doing it on purpose. They’re trying to appeal to everyone. But deep down, they each have a strong set of opposing beliefs that can and will have an amazing impact on all of our lives. And “our” includes you. Yes, YOU!

As a young lady who’s been in the working world for a few years now, the things on my mind are my health care, good jobs for brilliant college graduates, which are still very difficult to come by (the jobs, not the brilliant college graduates), and y’know, the future. Energy sources. Schools for my maybe-future-children. My own ability to decide when I have maybe-future-children. Whether or not all of my friends can marry whomever they choose.

Here’s what we’re up against. We’ve got a President, with an adorable family, I might add, who promised us a lot four years ago. A President who came into a tough situation, and did his best to turn things around. And then we’ve got a candidate who, from what I can decipher, doesn’t have anything more than a “5-point-plan,” a decent smile, and a platform that will set us back, socially, at least 50 years.

I say “from what I can decipher,” because even in trying to look at all of the facts with a level head, I really truly honestly cannot imagine what a Romney presidency would be like. And sure, Obama hasn’t been perfect, but I was able to stay on my parents’ health insurance when I was unemployed because of the Affordable Care Act, more commonly referred to as Obamacare. I was just presented, this past week, with a list of health care services that will be free for me under Obamacare. Free. No co-pay, just a doc tellin’ me I’m a-ok, and me not having to pay to make sure I’m healthy.

But the truth of the matter is, we’ve got a long way to go, and the opportunity to decide who will choose which way that will be. We can decide whether we should keep going in the direction we have been going in, a.k.a. slow but steady improvement, or we can start over again with something that seems completely different, but really, something we kind of had from 2000-2008. It takes a long time to make change for an entire country. I can barely decide where to go to dinner with one other person, I can’t even imagine what it’d take to make and implement a policy that would affect hundreds of millions of people.

One way or another, something’s going to happen. But the good thing is, we get to have a say in it. We do. Together. Our many votes. But that means we have to all decide to vote, and then get out of bed on Tuesday and make it happen. And then maybe take care of one or two of those other errands you’ve been putting off. That laundry’s not going to do itself (note: please someone find a way to make laundry do itself).