Why I Am Not A Hannah & Adam Shipper, Plus Season 3 ‘GIRLS' Sneak Peaks! Gina Vaynshteyn

Spoiler alert! Hannah Horvath and Adam Sackler are definitely back together. At least for the first few episodes of GIRLS. Last week, Lena Dunham and Adam Driver were spotted on set flirting for the camera, as well as the week before. Do you think the two most self-involved characters on the show will finally find happiness? Or maybe even a balanced, healthy relationship?

Okay, don’t get me wrong. I love GIRLS. I think there’s a part of us in every single character, and if not now, then maybe in the past or future. We’ve seen ourselves make the same kind of mistakes that these fictional girls and guys do, and we can’t seem to stop watching even when it gets super ugly. And it got pretty ugly this last season. What makes me a little bit crazy though, is the thought of Hannah and Adam back together. It’s like watching your best friend crawl back to that psycho boyfriend you warned her about. If you missed the season two finale (spoiler!), the show ended on a questionable note. Marnie got back together with Charlie, Shoshanna broke up with Ray and Hannah finally crumbled to pieces while Adam saved the day and let her melt into his arms.

The part of me that lives vicariously through television wants to shake that girl and remind her how far she had come this last season! Hannah, do you not remember when Adam tied you up on his couch and left you there? Oh, and did you forget about the two weeks that went by without a single text or call back from the guy? I’m pretty sure you thought he was dead. Never mind that Adam treated you like monkey meat for the greater half of your relationship, but you do realize that you completely abandoned him after he a) is finally ready to fully commit, and b)breaks his leg after you ruthlessly dump him because THE CHASE IS OVER?!


Hannah and Adam are a match made in relationship hell. They don’t belong together because they bring the worst out of each other. Adam is manipulative and has insanely low self-confidence, which he masks with his ego. Hannah is so self-involved and insecure that she enables his maddening behavior. They’re both living in fantasy worlds, Hannah in her I’m-Going-To-Make-It-As-A-Writer-Who-Writes-About-Her-Crazy-Life-In-New-York and Adam in his half-built ark.  Worst of all, it seems like Adam is the only one who is able to save Hannah when she realizes there is no way she is able to save her from herself. Not her parents, friends, or creepy neighbor. When a man is given that kind of power, there are definitely consequences. I’m sure we are destined for a bumpy ride in season three!

Besides Hannah and Adam’s patched up love-life, it’s rumored that at least one of the main characters in GIRLS is going to be spending some time at a rehab facility. Apparently there was a casting call for patients who have suffered from alcoholism, a chain-smoking nurse, a maintenance guy, and a social worker. Although there aren’t any clues as to which girl or guy it is, I’m going to go ahead and say more than one of our beloved characters could use a month or two in rehab to get back on their feet.

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  1. this couple gives me the creeps.. as much as i don’t like either of them i don’t want them to get stuck with each other either. just. no. i was very uncomfortable with how it was kinda implied that hannah is better because she puts up with adam’s degrading kinky sex stuff and that natalia isn’t cool with those, so he has to leave her. but i guess natalia deserved someone better anyway.

  2. I HATE that Marnie and Charlie are back together. I think Charlie can do a lot better and Marnie is only with him because she saw him with Mustard girl, then he was so successful with the app. I don’t think she loves him at all, but she wants something familiar and easy because the real world bit her in the tuchus. Hard.

    I know that Christopher Abbott won’t be coming back, so I’m hoping he breaks up with her and goes international or something. I love this show, I hope next season has a few more episodes!

    • Agreed! I really didn’t like that reunion either. Charlie’s a hopeless fool! I’m totally curious how he’s going to be transitioned off the show next season!

      Gina Vaynshteyn | 5/09/2013 09:05 am