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Why Emma Stone Has Great Style

While I was watching the MTV Movie Awards the other night (or rather, pausing Law & Order: SVU on Netflix and un-muting the TV anytime someone I liked came on screen), I experienced an oddly emotional reaction to Emma Stone’s acceptance speech for the Trailblazer Award. Now I don’t know about you, but I had never become misty eyed during a MTV awards show before—the Oscars, Golden Globes and Emmys, yes, but no show where Best On-Screen Dirtbag was a category. However, watching Emma Stone’s speech marked a first. Not only did it confirm my belief that she is true class act (and that I’m a crier, too), but it also made be wish she was one of my BFFs in real life. That way, I could actually revel in her awesomeness in person and also maybe have access to her closet so I could borrow her super chic clothes on occasion because she’d be totally cool about it, right?

Dream celebrity BFF scenarios aside, Emma Stone is definitely a style inspiration of mine, mainly because she always looks confident and comfortable with her fashion choices. It doesn’t matter if she’s donning a red carpet gown or jean shorts, she genuinely seems pleased to be wearing whatever she has on, which is why I chose to recreate several of her looks this week for those who might be wondering how to get a little piece of Stone’s style, too.

(1. Forever 21 – $22.80, 2. Old Navy – $19.94, 3. Forever 21 – $19.50, 4. DSW – $39.95)

One of the most effortlessly fashionable items a woman can own is a simple shift dress, and Stone’s black and white number is a perfect example of the shift dress’ understated stylishness and versatility. Stone paired it with an oversized red cardigan, but if you wanted to take this look into night, removing the sweater and adding a pair of heels and an up-do would easily do the trick. Accessories-wise, I added a brown crossbody bag as evidence that brown and black can be paired together, just like blue and black, so don’t let archaic fashion rules prevent you from accessorizing this outfit the way you want to!

(1. Dorothy Perkins – $44, 2. Forever 21 – $6.80, 3. ALDO – $40, 4. Endless – $49)

I love this ultra-girly look that Stone wore to the Kids’ Choice Awards, but as opposed to pairing a shoulder bag with the ensemble, I substituted it for a multicolored pastel clutch. Additionally, I chose this stylish knuckle ring as an option for jewelry because I think it adds a bit of modern flare to this otherwise refined get-up.

(1. Forever 21 – $29.80, 2. Anthropologie – $38, 3. Old Navy – $9.50, 4. Amazon – $49, 5. H&M – $24.95)

As much as I enjoy seeing Stone step out in ladylike ensembles, I really, really like her take on menswear. Stone wore this emerald-hued outfit earlier this year (hence her red hair), but it’s still a look that comes to mind when I think of Emma Stone’s style. It’s also fairly simple to recreate, especially because a plain white v-neck is a primary component. Pair the tee with a green blazer and black pants of your choosing, as well as a gold accent like the woven belt pictured, and you’ve got a classic Emma Stone-inspired look.

(1. Target – $19.99, 2. American Apparel – $38, 3. Forever 21 – $12.50, 4. dELiA*s – $9.50, 5. Forever 21 – $16.80)

You probably already own a variation of this outfit, sunglasses and all, but I included it because I appreciate how Stone can dress down and still look put together. She doesn’t look like she just rolled out of bed, but hey, who’s to say she wasn’t napping an hour earlier? With this outfit, Stone reminds us that style basics are always chic and simple alternatives for looking fashionable when we would rather wear casual and comfy clothes, or even when we don’t have enough energy to get glammed up. So take a style cue from Stone and have your best basics at the ready because a pullover, denim shorts and ballet flats can be just as stylish as a day dress and pumps.

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Emma Stone images via people.com (1, 2, 3, 4)

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