They’re all great! Which one is your favorite?

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  1. I could never pick one! I’d be like picking a favorite out of the children that I don’t have.

  2. I am shocked (SHOCKED!) to see that Miss Piggy has come in last place! She is the truth!

  3. Kermit all the way

  4. I feel like I may be alone in this, but my favourite muppet has always been Sam the Eagle…

  5. Rowlf <3

  6. Animal, hands down. Though I also like Beaker and Swedish Chef

  7. Scooter!

  8. Animal and Gonzo. I have two

  9. Fozzie Bear! Wacka, wacka, wacka!

  10. Bunsen! I’ve always had a thing for a guy (and muppet) in glasses ;) lol.

  11. Fozzie fo’ever

  12. If Rizzo had been a choice, I would have picked him. He’s the best in A Muppet Christmas Carol!

  13. Happy to see Swedish Chef as a choice! He’s definitly my fave!

  14. I love Rowlf…a LOT! BUT! Kermit is the love of my life <3 GO SEE THE MUPPET MOVIE!

  15. Rowlf, obviously!

  16. Rowlf for sure, but Fozzie is a close second. Followed by Miss Piggy and Kermit!

  17. ANIMAL!!! forever.

  18. gonzo or rizzo the rat. But grover will always hold my heart

  19. Gonzo the Great!

  20. Animaaaaaaalll!!!