Who What Wear's rad new e-book will make all your blogging dreams come true

We’ve been obsessed with Who What Wear since its beginnings, and have loved watching it grow into one of the most influential fashion blogs of today. Those ladies clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to the blogosphere, and their hard work has totally paid off — which is why we’re super excited about their first e-book, How to Launch Your Blog in 90 Days!

Lately, starting a blog can be kind of intimidating. Some estimates even say a new one is created every half a second — which means competition is crazy, especially if you want to run a successful one. But Who What Wear has your back and is here to hold your hand and make the whole process way less scary. How to Launch Your Blog in 90 Days has everything you need to stand out and help turn your little blog into a booming business.

From chapters on developing unique site content to growing and engaging your social media audience to creating a press kit and monetizing your site, this e-book runs the gamut for all things blogging. And we couldn’t think of a site more qualified to be dishing out this advice than Who What Wear! So, if you’ve been dreaming of launching that blog for years, now’s the time to do it.

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