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Who Needs Feminism

So, I just found out about this really cool website that a bunch of people at Duke University started. It’s called Who Needs Feminism? and people post pictures of why they need feminism. For instance, this woman says she needs feminism because “feminine” is not “anti-feminist”.  I saw that and I felt like she got me, you know? The whole who needs feminism campaign? It’s awesome.

Wait wait wait. Back up. Who needs feminism? We all do. But we all don’t get what it means, because it can be described in many different ways. To me, feminism means girls and boys are of equal value. This means if girls can play with Barbie dolls, so can boys. WE ALL NEED OUR EQUAL RIGHTS. It’s not just about sports or playing with things; I’m talking about our approach as a society to each other. Girls and boys should have the same opportunity to do the same thing and not be all like, well, girls can’t do math. That’s craz town! WE ARE ALL HUMANS. If a guy can play hockey in the big leagues, why can’t I? Just because I am a different gender doesn’t mean I am some sort of sub-par species. Just because we may have different body parts doesn’t mean we can’t do the things the other gender can! How do I live in a world were society thinks that a different body part means I can’t do things other people can?

I need feminism because I’m tired of hearing people say, “No, I’m scared to ask the boys if I can play [fill-in-the-blank] with them.” And I think we should be able to walk up to someone and join their game. I know I can start my own, but what about playing together? I’m sick of hearing, “No way, boys are better than girls” and vise versa. Why should I have to take that? (This girl knows where I’m coming from: I need feminism because people should not be so surprised at my ability to catch and throw a football or play a pick-up game.)

I need feminism to exist because I have a voice and I need to be heard. Rosa Parks stood up for her rights and got put in JAIL. How was that a crime? (Another person who gets it is this guy: I need feminism so that my future daughter will grow up never being limited by the ignorance of society.)

I need feminism to be a part of everyone’s vocabulary because I am in middle school, and I don’t see it as part of our language, even now in 2012. And I have this feeling I’m going to keep talking about it, probably for the rest of my life. But maybe when I get older, I’ll be talking about it in a different way than I am now.

So please support this awesome website. And the best way? Submit your answer to Who Needs Feminism here and also, like their Facebook page here.

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