While I Was Sleeping... While I Was Sleeping…I Beat Mila Kunis In The Anti-Hunger Games Mina Ross

Mila Kunis was more aggressive than Natalie Portman in this situation. Image via PeopleStyleWatch.com

I’m back with another celebrity-filled dream and this one is pretty bizarre. I’m just going to give it to you straight and if any of you have a clue as to what’s going on in my unconscious, feel free to let me know, because I sure don’t.

This is a dream from Saturday June 30th 2012.

It started on the set of a talk show hosted by Jeff Probst – you know, the dude from “Survivor.” My surroundings reminded me of the “American Idol” stage. Blue lights and shooting stars lit the background screens. There were a whole lot of guests on this particular show, and apparently I was one of them. But that wasn’t immediately clear to me. I tuned into the dream right when Jeff was pumping up the crowd and a line of empty go-carts rolled out from backstage.

American Idol Stage Ryan Seacrest Simon Cowell Boobs Blue Lights Jeff Probst Talk Show Lights Stars

Image via Ourstage.com

The go-carts stopped right in front me and Jeff indicated that my fellow guests and I should climb aboard. Once we were all secured in our go-carts, Jeff winked and said, “Good luck, contestants!” Then he held his hands up and yelled, “May the odds be ever in your favor!” Jeff dropped his arms and then a big garage door opened up  and the go-carts shot off far beyond the blue lights of the talk show set.

Next thing I knew, I was running at full speed through crops and crops of food. But it wasn’t food you would regularly find growing in crops. There were hundreds of beautiful In-N-Out burgers bigger than my car, thousands of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, wave upon wave of waffle fries. It was my very own caloric heaven and I was determined to try one of every crop.

Junk Food Paradise Junk Food Crops Burger Fries Coke Coca Cola Cupcakes Boobs Popcorn Yummy

Image via BBC News

As I ate my way through paradise, I noticed I wasn’t the only one enjoying the environment. Dev Patel was on my left, unwrapping and attacking a life-sized Charleston Chew. On my right: Natalie Portman. She appeared to be crying. But I didn’t have time for sympathy, I was power eating

Natalie Portman IMDB Oscar Winner 2009 Black Swan Lace Power Eating Animals Crops

Natalie Portman, power actress but not a power eater. Image via IMDB.com

I soon found myself at a swimming pool but it wasn’t filled with water—it was filled with Coca Cola. It suddenly occurred to me that all I had to do to win was swim and simultaneously drink my way across the Coke pool. I aggressively jumped in and started sipping and swimming, but then I choked. Somebody was trying to drown me and it turned out that someone was Mila Kunis.

Mila Kunis Oscars Red Dress Black Swan Natalie Portman Curly Hair Smokey Eyes

Mila Kunis was more aggressive than Natalie Portman in this situation. Image via PeopleStyleWatch.com

Don’t worry, though. I drowned Mila and then I swam to the end of the pool and won the contest. I was ecstatic about winning but then I noticed my family approaching and they seemed really upset with me. What really stood out was the look on my mother’s face. Disappointed to say the least.

Featured image via PeopleStyleWatch.com


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  1. I had a celebrity filled dream once where it was a sort of Hunger Games scenario too, in a castle, and I threw Timothy Dalton off the battlements and then Jude Law and I got in a knife fight. I didn’t want to kill Jude Law, but he stabbed me first so I just went crazy and stabbed him with his own knife.
    Slightly disturbing, to say the least.

  2. Ummm, you are guilty about your bad eating habits. If you have good eating habits then you are guilty about not having bad eating habits:P One of the main things you should focus on apart from the content of the dream is how you were feeling. What feelings did you have whilst competing, how did you feel when your mother looked disappointed? It’s usually a reflection of how you are feeling in your waking life and your dreams are trying to decipher and work through those feelings. Are your ambitions in life meaning that you have neglected your family life? And maybe you are feeling guilty? And guilty about the 15 donuts you eat? Liz Lemon style? I may be way off. Maybe you just wish that there was gigantic food.

    I have always had really strange, vivid dreams. I once had a dream I was in mermaid school. I also had a dream I was a hitman and in my dream I garotted a man’s head with a wire from my wrist and it severed the head completely. I would like to point out I was playing a lot of the game Hitman and am not in fact crazy.

  3. I’m glad someone else has crazy dreams that they can remember!