While I Was Sleeping...

While I Was Sleeping… Birthday Cupcakes With Snooki!

This week’s dream is quite literally short and sweet. It’s about Snooki and cupcakes.

In the dream it was my birthday and I just want to thank the dream weavers for that, because it’s also my birthday in real life. I got to celebrate double-time and who doesn’t love that? Party on, unconscious.

Anyway, at my dream birthday party I was involved in some sort of Sprinkles cupcake eating contest. And who was my competition? None other than our favorite pint sized and pregnant Jersey wunderkind, Snooki.


Image via Twitter

It was just a friendly birthday competition so Snooki and I were cordial and exchanged “hey girl”s. However, just because we kept things g-rated friendly doesn’t mean we didn’t get down to some serious cupcake eating business.

It was pretty amazing to be able to dream eat Sprinkles. It meant that, unlike real life cupcake eating, I could eat more than one of the sugar laden ambrosia cakes without getting a sugar coma on the level of a 6-year-old who has just discovered Pixie Sticks.

Image via Sprinkles Facebook Page


So there I was eating away and there Snooki was right next to me doing her thing. I specifically remember we were both having a great time and at one point Snooki paused to look over, smile and give a friendly little tan-handed wave. But then her face went from that of someone on a food high to that of someone in serious pain. Yes, it was happening. Snooki was having her baby right there in the middle of the cupcake competition at my birthday party.

Good news, though. The birth happened in a flash and wasn’t as messy as you would expect. One second Snooki was in pain and the next there was a baby on her lap – and it was a girl! More cupcakes (pink!) were brought out and the cupcake competition commenced once more. Snooki even let her baby girl have a taste of the frosting, which I’m sure a one minute old baby would NEVER have the chance to do in real life.

It was an all around great party. I mean really– friends, family, Snooki, birthdays celebrated, actual births and cupcakes! What more could you ask for?

Featured Image via Mina Ross