While I Was Sleeping...

While I Was Sleeping…Adam From "Girls" Welded Me A Table

Adam Driver as Adam in HBO'S Girls is usually shirtless so imagining him naked is not hart.

I’m a ridiculously vivid dreamer. What’s more interesting is that most of the time my dreams involve celebrities. Like I said, ridiculous, but I can’t control it.

This is what I dreamed Saturday, June 2nd.

I was sitting in a movie theater in Brooklyn with two of my girlfriends from college. We were watching a romantic comedy about Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Obviously Jay Z and Beyoncé played themselves in this re-telling of their love story. (FYI: Jay-Z and Beyoncé make cameos in most of my dreams).

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Anyway, it was opening night. My girlfriends and I were passing a bottle of rosé back and forth while crying, laughing and, in general, loving the movie.

Then Adam, the character played by Adam Driver on HBO’s Girls, came running down the theater aisle completely naked and carrying a flaming Olympic torch. In a Neanderthal-like manner, he beat his chest and yelled at the top of his lungs, “Do you want to be my effing girlfriend?!”

Adam Driver as Adam in HBO'S Girls is usually shirtless so imagining him naked is not hard.

Then, he ran right into the movie screen, put a large hole through it and set it on fire. I remember thinking this behavior was not only odd but also extremely dangerous. I probably should have thrown the bottle of rosé at him but I also probably didn’t want to waste the wine.

All I remember next is opening the front door of the White House (yes, the presidential White House) only to find Adam on the doorstep. In his arms was a table he had actually welded for me—and only me—as an apology for his behavior.

And it wasn’t just any table. It was a table that real-life-me has had an eye on for my real-life-Los-Angeles- apartment (not for my dream-life home which, yes, is the White House). Even better, Adam had taken it upon himself to change the color of the table from white—as I originally saw it in real-life at Jonathan Adler—to gold. It actually looked so much better in gold that when real-life-me eventually acquires this table I will for sure be painting it gold.

I accepted Adam’s apology and then we made out and it was a pretty great make-out that ranks high in both my real-life and dream-life make out sessions.When I woke up Sunday morning I had great clarity. Obviously I need to ask the dream weavers to bring Adam back so we can make out more and so that he can continue to give me sage decorating advice.
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