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Which Jane Austen Heroine Are You?

Sheryl and I are unapologetic Jane-ites.  We regularly worship at the High Church of Austen.  Who can say what alchemy of words Jane mixed together so perfectly to create such lasting works of art?  Many have tried to spin similar tales into gold and failed.  It’s not like they are complicated, or dark.  However, they are clever and familiar.  Everyone knows a Lizzie and an Emma, so perhaps it is that familiarity that makes an Austen novel feel so undeniably…right.  Then again, there are plenty of novels written over the course of centuries with brilliant and authentic characters.  Like I said earlier, it must be a sort of alchemy.

I wish I was a Lizzie.  Sometimes I am, when I am at my best. She dazzles.  But mostly I am an Elinor.  Which is no bad thing really, it’s just… She’s not Elizabeth Bennet, you know?  So which Jane Austen protagonist are you? Have a look at the character traits below and see if you can’t find yourself.

  • You are good natured and kind. Okay, so you’re not fun with a capital F kind of fun- you’re not the sort to sky dive or do Tequila shots with some random yahoo you meet at a club. In fact, you’re not really into clubs, unless, okay, it’s a book club.   Still, you’re a gal with high standards. You know what real love tastes like and you arent about to settle for anything less. You’d rather be alone than end up with the wrong person.  You were easily persuaded and influenced when you were younger and you own that.  Even though it sort of kills you to admit that you used to be sort who couldn’t handle the mere thought of disappointing anyone, you are well past that phase. You do what you like, you take care of your own and you don’t make a fuss because it’s nobody’s business.   You thank God every day that you aren’t and never will be a reality TV star.   You are Anne Elliot.
  • Unlike Anne, you believe Kim Kardashian has the best job in the whole world. You would love to get paid for being you, not to mention all the free swag, and the parties…Heaven!  You are a social creature and fun loving. When you think shopping (which admittedly, you do quite a bit) you think Prada and Gucci. You live on a  TJ Maxx budget, though, and you are pretty good about not complaining, most of the time. You are a true romantic, which is why The Notebook is your favorite movie and you’ve seen it 68 times.  You are sweet, maybe a little naive, which you’d rather be than being boring or uptight.  No one would ever call you an intellectual, but so what? You’re cute as a button. You are Marianne Dashwood.
  • You’re feisty.  If you had a nickname, it would be Spitfire or maybe Sweet Cheeks.  You are all about family and you are as loyal as the day is long. You probably aren’t a conventional beauty, but there is something about you that is undeniably attractive, endearing and draws people in. You are funny and clever and remarkably tolerant when it comes to those you love, but not so much with those you would classify as high fallutin’.   You don’t always do what’s expected of you; you can be lippy but you know when to button it. You are not easily impressed, money isn’t all that important to you but it wouldn’t bother you to have buckets of it, either.  You would love to share your life with the right person, but the word spinster doesn’t rankle you if its the wrong one. You are Elizabeth Bennet.
  • You love a project, especially when it involves shopping and makeovers.  This isn’t limited to people (though that is your favorite sort) but houses, shops, menues, recreational vehicles, anything that needs an overhaul gets you going. You have great taste, impeccable style and list matchmaking as one of your hobbies. You want everyone to be happy! And pretty! And shiny! Sometimes you can be a little Mean Girl and yes some people might call you a snob. But you aren’t really, you’re more of an elitist. It bothers you when someone chooses to be frumpy or settle or be stupid.   People don’t always “get you” but at the end of the day, you’re just a well meaning Yenta. You are Emma Woodhouse.
  • You are sensible and practical, but that don’t mean you won’t get down with your bad self and do a dish washing shimmy in the kitchen when no one is looking.  You are a classy lady and a bit of a mother hen.  You look after people, which means that sometimes you are rather bossy, but it is for everyone’s own good, after all.  You are not a city person, you prefer a more pastoral environment and you enjoy being at home.  You are strong and stoic, but you feel like you have to be.  Somebody has to be the grown up, right?  It’s not all fun and games.  You are creative and crafty, but you aren’t all that competitive.  You might not be noticed when you first walk into a room, but you have your own way of working it.  You get better as you go along.  You’re like a kinder, softer Martha Stewart.  You are Elinor Dashwood.
  • You are quiet and unassuming.  You’re more of a watcher than a go-getter.  In fact, your observational skills are quite keen.  You don’t feel the need to say every single thing that pops into your head.  You choose your words carefully.  You really resent being labeled as mousy because you’re not an attention whore.  But you do privately think that attention whore is the perfect word to describe some of the people you know and that says something about you, too.  When you fall for someone, you fall hard and long.  You are loyal, you have convictions.  You prefer the term ‘conservative’ to describe your nature but you know others that think you’re uptight and a prude (namely the attention whores.)  But you are sweet and even gentle.  It’s just that more often than not, you are overlooked.  Sometimes you wish that actually, you weren’t so smart and observant so that at least you wouldn’t notice when people fail to notice you.  Oh well.  You are Fanny Price.
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  • Julia Hays

    I want to say I’m a Lizzie, but that could just be wishful thinking since she’s my favorite Austen character.

  • Lauren M. Blanchard

    I’ve always been more of a Fanny Price, though she always gets a bad rap for being boring

  • Ashley Long

    Well, even though Anne Elliott is my favorite, I’m definitely a Fanny Price.

  • Elizabeth P. Fink

    Oh I am totally Anne Elliott. I’ve identified with her from the first time I read Persuasion.

  • Keren Kanter

    Oh no, you forgot Catherine Morland!

  • Thu Ngo

    Yeah, where’s the love for Catherine??

  • Cathy Marie

    I am clearly a Fanny Price too. I have to admit, this article got me interested enough to go out and read some Jane Austen!

  • Natasha Simmonds

    Fanny and proud!

  • Bethany Kathleen Traynor

    I am a mix of Anne Elliot (from my fav book) and Marianne Dashwood (second fav). Two of the best female Heroines ever!

  • Nicola Semple

    I am Elizabeth Bennet. It’s quite scary how accurate that description is of me.

  • Sabrina Nelson

    I’m a mix between Anne and Lizzie, I do believe

  • Emily Rose Delfin

    I do identify with Anne Elliott and a dash of Elinor but most everyone hopes to be
    Lizzie :)

  • Mattie Benedict

    I have never fancied myself to be an Elizabeth Bennet character, but this description pretty much fits me perfectly.

  • Alicia Buckley

    What about Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey?

  • Luciana Ortega

    Lizzie Bennet all the way and really proud of it!!! Great description of the heroines btw…

  • Tina Niemegeers

    I’m a lizzie. With just a dash of Anne.
    Perfect! 😀

  • Elisabeth Miller

    A mix between Anne and Fanny. I think Persuasion is my favorite because I identified with Anne so much.

  • Allie Giles

    i’m hardcore lizzie.

  • Megan Nicole Zulch

    I’m a mix between Lizzie & Elinor :)

  • The Heatley Cliff

    My Bad! I cut and pasted this and Catherine didn’t make it on here…oh no! here it is!

    You are a dreamer and an optimist. You are an adventurer at heart, a would be world traveler, or a triathelete or possibly a demon hunter. You want to get out there and do these things, or maybe you just want to read about them. Sometimes you have trouble with the whole reality/fantasy thing. People don’t always give you the credit you deserve. You might come across as a little silly or okay, flaky. But you are pretty darn insightful, even if all your insights come from books or movies or Oprah so what? They’re still you know, insightful. You love love and a happy ending and ghosts. You are Catherine Moreland.

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