Where Have All the Cowboys Gone

What the heck is romantic these days? Is it when you get a text instead of an e-mail? Is being a romantic someone who wants a man to friend her on Facebook before she friends him? Our technology has brought us together but at the same time pulled us far, far apart. Hell, I may as well live in the desert for how often I see other people. Getting to know one another has evolved into stalking who we seem to be on the old information highway. It is scary to think of all the ideas formed about you through pictures, videos and junk you write (not that YOU write junk, that’s MY job, haha, kidding about that too. God, this is great) .

I, for one, worry about being dragged by my ankles out of bed into an insane asylum. Technology makes it ever so hard to read someone else. Are we supposed to dissect text messages as though there is a golden nugget of truth that will end our starved of meaning lives or are we supposed to take whatever our cell phone tells us at face value? My new idea is that I don’t want to psychoanalyze any more texts or emails or the spacing of them. It’s sad how much importance I place on the promptness of when someone replies to me and judge that as though it says something about our “relationship”. My iPhone sure is capitalizing on my confused state of being.

When I was in middle school, it was simple. “So and so” likes you. We would all just let our feelings hang out. There was no “who is more clever?” battles or “who can be more cryptic than the other?” contests. We wanted each other to know how we felt. We wrote love notes, drew each other pictures – things that are so personal in a romantic relationship and that I haven’t really experienced since I was a child. Even committing “I love you” to paper is 20,000 times more sacred to me than seeing it on my phone where it becomes standard, like a period at the end of a sentence.

I am lucky enough to be in a very wonderful relationship. However, our rocky roads have a lot to do with lack of romance. Since we are long distance, phone calls, texts and the occasional GChat are the only access to each other we have. Technology facilitates and complicates our relationship and that is why sometimes I want to throw my iPhone into a dumpster and scream at the top of my lungs “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone!” ya know? I finally know what Paula Cole was saying!

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