"What's Your Truth?" : Confusing Questions My Yoga Teacher Asks

I’m in ‘breathing cow’ pose at yoga class and my teacher nonchalantly asks in a very calm, almost sedated voice, “What’s your truth?”  At this point, sweat is dripping down my face and my butt is pointed in the air, my belly arched towards the floor, my head trying its hardest to reach the ceiling and although this is a slightly easier pose than most, it is not a position to be answering such philosophical questions.  I’m thinking my “truth” is that my body dislikes what it is doing right now.

(Image from RealBeauty.com)

“What’s your truth?” could mean a variety of things.  Are we asking about my thoughts, ideas, likes, hates or perceptions of the world?  Are we talking about the things I’m afraid of admitting but want to tell so badly to the universe?  Or are we talking about my dreams versus reality? Virginia Woolf once said, “If you do not tell the truth about yourself, you cannot tell it about other people.”  So, if I’m going to write for all you wonderful people, I should probably tell you my “truths”, or my dealio, so to speak.

Here is a list I haven’t shared with most people and if you have any questions, please ask and I shall answer.  Or, if you have a list of truths, share them below. 


1.  I danced in a modern dance company at Beverly Hills High School.  I was also in advanced theater and choir.  It was the best time of my life… and I secretly want to dance and sing again. Check out how serious I was! (I’m in the middle row, right.)

Beverly Hills Dance Company 2003 (Photo by Alice Kuo)

2.  People say I’m creative, but I often struggle with choosing one thing on which to focus so that I can become great at it.  For example, I love puppeteering, writing, filming, dancing, singing, voice acting and performing comedy… but I’m no perfectionista at any of these things.  I often wonder if I’ll do all of these things when I grow up or just focus on one, like voiceover.  I’m too afraid to pursue it wholeheartedly, but I do enjoy it a ton.  Check out my animation voiceover demo HERE.

3.  Outside of my creative interests, I’d like to become a professional, so I made this venn diagram of everything I’m capable of and hopefully it will help me figure out my career.  If you want to figure out your career, make a venn diagram, write a list or journal entry about it and feel free to share below.

Venn Diagram : "What I Am, What I Want To Be"

4.  I get anxiety thinking about all the goals I have.  Sometimes I can’t think straight and I start eating peanut butter to make myself feel better.

5.  I should start believing in myself.  It’s about time.  I’m just saying that if I don’t believe in myself, it’s  a complete disservice to my life.  Who knows what could happen tomorrow?  A bear could eat me alive!

6.  I like staying home and pulling on my PJs.  Nothing is better than cuddling with my puppy, boyfriend and my three cats.  If they all went away, I’d end up cuddling with my laptop and telling it bedtime stories.

7.  I love my boyfriend but I’m afraid of marriage because there’s a thing called divorce and my mom got a lot of them.

8.  I am a selfish person sometimes.  I’m working on it.  I don’t believe in it, but sometimes it happens.  Maybe because I was raised as an only child in the “slums” of Beverly Hills?

9.  I have a tough relationship with my parents, but I’m working on it.  No one said being human was easy!

10.  I see myself living on a farm one day…but not those weird cult-like ones, just a simple farm that makes jam and raises baby goats.

11.  I also see myself running a sandwich shop one day, with all sorts of cheeses and breads and meats… and veggies for you vegans and vegetarians.

12.  It’s important to hang out with your girlfriends.  The support I get from fellow ladies helps me live my life wholeheartedly and not go insane.

13.  The economy is sucking right now, but I don’t see how I can change it, other than work as hard as I can.

14.  My perception of the world?  I think we’re all lucky to be here, making the world what it is today.  Sometimes the world is dark and grey, sometimes it’s sunny and bright and filled with unicorns that are really horses in disguise outfits.  I look forward to the sunny parts, and try my best to make my world as sunny as possible.  What are the little things you do to make your world a happy place?

Speak your truths below!  I want to hear from you!

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