Emily EngagedWhat Wedding Dress Shopping Taught MeEmily Dubinsky

I have found the perfect wedding dress. It was actually much easier than I thought – everything was beautiful and each one represented a different type of bridal style: trendy, classic, vintage, beachy, urban—you name it. I didn’t have pre-conceived notions of my “dream” dress, and by trying on a little bit of everything, I learned some important lessons.
  1. I have a waist, and you probably do too. I never liked the little bulge (I suppose that would be called a “curve”) that emerged when something was belted tight around my middle. It made me feel so exposed—naked and clothed at the same time. After wedding dress shopping, I learned that (gasp!) highlighting my figure was the only way to make a dress look good on my short body. I actually caught myself staring in the mirror at what appeared to be a woman with a waist and hips.
  2. If I didn’t love it at first glance, I had to let it go. I would try on dresses and rationalize why they were good or what was pretty about them. That was a nice feeling, but nothing like the fun of loving something right away.
  3. I like being comfortable. As much as 5″ heels and that Vera Wang White dress full of boning made me look super-stylish, I could not imagine wearing those for 10 hours on my wedding day (I still love and worship you, Vera). I want to dance … and be able to sit down.
  4. Once I stopped trying to “decide” what my style was, it found me. Could I be a vamp, red-lipped bride in silk? Yes. Could I be a princess ballgown bride, a shoe-less beach bride or a quirky rustic bride in cowboy boots? Sure. I, however, turned out to be none of those things. I saw a pattern emerging in dresses that I liked and went for it, despite my Pinboards that depicted the bride I thought I would be.
I wish I could end this article with a picture of my dress, but like Kate Middleton (because we’re totally the same), it will remain a secret until the big day. Until then, Giggles!

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  1. I’ve found my dream one on the internet by accident and I gave the picture to my tailor. I recommend this way, it’s cheap, the dress fits well and it saved a lot of time.

  2. aww i ordered mine in nov.. get to see the final end of march :) hope u get to see yours soon!

  3. I haven’t seen my dress since I ordered it in August – sigh.

  4. I just found my dress too! going for fitting at end of march! cant wait.. totally agree on the shoe theory! ouch! so im going for bridal ballerina shoes! with a lil bit of glitz on them!

  5. Number 1 is so true! I just bought my dress this weekend :)

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