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I’m not usually a girly girl, but Valentine’s Day is the one time a year I go pink (or red or cream)! Whether going on a date, hanging with girlfriends or catching a movie, I say, get down with Cupid. Yes, Valentine’s Day is a totally cliche holiday, fully endorsed by the flower and chocolate industry but hey, if you can’t beat ‘em…join ‘em! If you choose go pink this V’Day, below are some pieces to get you through and some tips on how to wear them.

  1. Backstage dress at Planet Blue $145
  2. JCrew Blythe silk blouse $98
  3. Blue Life chiffon dress at Planet Blue $60
  4. ASOS dress with textured knit $90
  5. ASOS skinny jeans $62
  6. ASOS mini dress with rose applique $98

These are just inspirational pieces. Shop the look or pull something from your closet that’s similar.

  • When wearing pink or rose, stay away from black heels instead try nude, rose or dark brown.
  • Try mixing red and pink. They actually DO go great together! But make one color your main item and one an accessory. (Like the pink jeans pictured with the red heels)
  • Don’t get pink crazy. Stick with ONE pink item at a time (i.e. a dress, a pair or jeans or a top). Wearing a pink top with pink jeans is overkill. Same goes for red.

Have a wonderful VALENTINE’S DAY!

Featured photo via Planet Blue


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    Anonymous | 2/29/2012 05:02 am
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    Anonymous | 2/23/2012 05:02 am
  3. I love your dsgneis! just want to ask is there any special machine to make those tweety bird tags? or do you just cut them out in swirls?

    Anonymous | 2/22/2012 03:02 am
  4. Great minds think alike! I totally went for blush pink instead of hot pink (and all the shades of bright pink, really) in my blog post on Valentine’s Day wear!

    And like a few other comments, I LOVE the colored skinnies. They are such a thing already this season!

  5. The rose colored jeans are to die for!

  6. I LOVE all of these! #2 would probably look great with these wedges I am currently obsessed with that I suggested to my friend’s Valentine Outfits list >

    I WANT #1 & #5 too though!!

  7. what about hot pink jeans…like Barbie pink…

  8. These different shades reminded me I DO have a pink dress I can wear on Valentine’s, haha when I saw this article, i was like “crap! what am I gonna wear!”

  9. Cute looks, good tips! I’ve been rocking pink with red a lot lately. But black and pink work together well, too!

  10. This is so helpful, I was wndering how to style my pink jeans and now this is the perfect opportunity. Great job!

    • thank you!. yeah, i love pink jeans. i need a pair!

      Grasie Mercedes | 2/08/2012 11:02 am