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What To Wear Back To School

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Ruby writes: Hello Hello Giggles! First off, I love you all and cannot get enough of your ingenious website. Secondly, I have a ‘style inquiry’ for Grasie. I am just about to move to the states for college this fall, and was wondering what wardrobe tips you would have for upcoming freshmen fashionistas, particularly those coming from the tropics to the freezer that is the east coast. What makes a good ‘first impression outfit’ (I’m thinking orientation)? Thank you, and again, I love Hello Giggles.

Hannah writes: Hi Grasie, I’m starting college in the fall and am currently in the process of trying to update my wardrobe. I’m moving from SoCal to Ohio, where there will actually be four seasons–yikes! To make my search even more challenging (and fun!) I’m going for a distinctive yet timeless look…Do you have any suggestions for versatile pieces that a student on a budget could use for a variety of climates? Thank you!

Hi Ruby, Hannah! Congrats on college. That’s awesome & exciting! Having 4 seasons is wonderful and one of the things I miss most about living in LA (I grew up in NYC). The cool thing is you can take most of your Spring & Summer wardrobe and add-on layers and boots to transition them to Fall & Winter. It is especially easy to do this with two specific looks: 1. Jeans & T-shirts 2. Dresses

1. Jeans & T-shirts – Everyone has a pair of jeans or two, that they just love to death, right? Well throw those on with a basic T and have fun with layers. Try a blazer, a scarf, all sorts of boots and fun accessories. The blazer and scarf will keep you warm for the colder months, while the boots and accessories will step up your outfit and give you the fashionista edge. Below are some items that are perfect all year round.


2. Dresses – All the dresses below are comfy enough for class, but also fun enough for college night life, YAY! You can wear them in Spring & Summer as is, with strappy sandals, wedges or flats, then wear them in Fall & Winter with tights, boots, cardigans & scarves thrown on! So you can take one dress and rock it all year round! Psst, Ruby, dresses are great for orientation too


Happy Shopping & Have Fun At School!

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