Why My Little Sister Is My Best FriendVanessa Hudgens

Meet my beautiful little sister, Stella. She is my very best friend and one of the coolest chicks I know. I tell her everything and I totally trust her opinion. I know she’ll always tell me the truth. She’s also my little mannequin. LOL. I dress her all the time to get my stylist fix. (Yes, I styled her here! Quite proud.)

I really am proud of her. She’s a great actress and I know she has an amazing career ahead of her. But most of all, she’s the best person I know. And she inspires me to be the best person I can be. I can always turn to her – and she knows I’m always here for her. I love her so much and I’m so lucky to be her big sis!

Tell me about someone YOU love!!



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  1. I’m crying reading these messages:) everybody’s so nice

  2. I love my sis too but we discover dat 3 years before she got married. She is 6 years ahead of me but she is my immediate elder & i happen 2 be d last born wit 3 guys ahead of both of us. I love my 3rd brother too but he want & knows wats good 4 me. & finally, i love u as well :)

  3. my baby brother is my favorite person on planet earth, we are 8 years apart but thick as theives. I tell him everything and he asks for my advice and opinion (i can’t believe he cares what i think) We make each other laugh, he’s going away to college next year and i am gonna miss him like crazy :(

  4. I really want to be your sister.

  5. i love my dad, he is my heroe, i don’t see him everyday, but he works a lot but he wants the best for me, my 2 sisters & my brother, he always say to me then i need to be a strong girl, he is my heroe, he helps the people with money or something, i love my dad, he always makes to fee so good, i trust in him, i tell to him everything, he makes me cry when we talk, is just make me feel so vulnerable, i don’t know, i love my best friend too, omg my best friend yamileth, she is an amazing girl, she is beautiful, she knows so good, she is my best friend & my sister, because my 2 sisters then i have, they are old & don’t have time to talk to me, i don’t trust in one of their, but i trust in yamileth, she is my beautiful sister, she is my diary, she knows everything about me, everything :D

  6. I love my mom, she is my big sister, my best friend … she makes me laugh and I love she!

  7. i ment a such amazing sister sorry

  8. vanessa you are so luvky for having such amazing sister that loves you so much no matter what !! and stella is lucky too for having a suck amazing big sister that always takes care of her and loves her no matter what !! you girls are the most amazing sisters i’ve ever seen and i wish i was your sister too <3 xoxo heidy

  9. so happy u have Stella to be ur lil sister, I have three sisters,I am the second one,my two lil sisters always fighting non-stop,and sometimes I also fight with them too.but,to my third sis I don’t like her at a lllllllllllllll,she can tell all the story to my dad and mom that I tell her,so if I want to tell my secrets to somebody the first one is my elder sis,sometimes she also tell me her secrets too,but our relationship sometimes also not so good,cause my elder sis older than me 7years same like u and Stella,I hope me and my sis can same like u two!!have a great relationship Like best friends

  10. you kn0w we have the same attitude of being a bigb sister and your my idol i have your albums and your my inspiration to my life vanessa hudgens……. i loke your song like come back to me and gone with the wind,say ok,paper cut……love it…..

  11. i think its great that you’re so close with your sis! and you did a great job styling her! I love and am really super close with my grandmother, dad’s mom. I’m her favorite out of all 31 grandchildren! :) She even tells them that when we’re all together lol. Growing up even though I lived 4 states away we would talk every single night and she would always have me sing to her. When my dad died 2 months ago we really clung to each other. She’s definately my rock and such a really strong woman! She inspires me so much and ALWAYS believes the best in me. I’m my dad’s only child while all of my uncles and aunts have 5,6,7 children. She has taught me a lot of the things that I know including how to play the guitar and all the music stuff comes from that side of the family. I LOVE HER SO MUCH! She knows I am very worried about her. This is her 3rd child she’s had to bury. But I know I shouldnt be. She’ll probably outlive us all lol. #verystrongwoman

  12. My little seeester (as we call each other) is one of the most beautiful, amazing, and wonderful women I know. She is seven years younger, and came to live with me when she was 16. I had an instant teenager (and was only 23 myself)! I don’t regret a minute of it. She and I have been through so much together, and have forged a stronger bond today because of that. I love her to pieces and bits. During my angsty teenage years I would dress her up and take tons of photos of her. She allowed me to act out my stylist dreams, and was a total sport about all of it. Today, she is the one telling me about the next hot brand and keeping me current.

  13. My friends is my best love.I ask her everything and she always tell the truth.
    I ask her what to wear. So I mannequin her :) And she always with me.

  14. I really love my boyfriend. He has such a good mood, always make me laugh and I know that I can turn to him everytime that I need. I’m very lucky to have found him and have him in my life. He’s the best person in the world. I love him so much

  15. I really love my boyfriend. He has such a good mood, always make me laugh and I know that I can to him everytime that I need. I’m very lucky to have found him and have him in my life. He’s the best person in the world. I love him so much :)

  16. U are incredible, this post make me feel good! Your words about Stell are cute! yes, i have 3 sis and a bro….they with my mom and dad are my life…no matter what, they always are supporting me……I LOVE U SO MUCH! please, never change! u can be very famous but The family is first above all, always….<3

  17. good

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  19. my little sister wants to be a singer and actreess and she can do it

  20. Totally agree with you
    my little sister i love her and trust her opinion i really love shopping with her and hanging out with her, we support each other.