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What Happened in ‘My So-Called Life', Season 2

A lot of my favorite shows have been cancelled after the first season. Secret Circle, Nine Lives of Chloe King, The Gates… “The show that makes me sad the most, though, is My So-Called Life. If any of you did not know, My So-Called Life is THE best show in existence. This is no argument. It’s not an opinion. It’s a fact. It’s better than Teen Wolf, Roswell and Vampire Diaries. This may come as a surprise to you guys, considering I get way too emotionally attached to any fictional supernatural forbidden romance (and you know this), but yes. MSCL is the best TV show ever and nothing will ever change my mind.

I have no idea why they cancelled My So-Called Life. Actually, I do. But I don’t understand it. My goal for this year is finding a way to travel back in time to 1995 so I can give 15-year-old Claire Danes this letter.

Dear 15-year-old Claire Danes,

My name is Mikaela Foster and I’m 13. I heard that you are thinking about quitting My So-Called Life. Let me ask you a simple question: WHY?!?!? Look, I get that you have schoolwork, and school is the number one priority always. But you can do both.

You get to make out with Jared Leto. Haha, let me repeat that!! JARED LETO!! Plus, what 15-year-old gets to be the star of the best show in existence? You must know that your show is the best show in existence and always will be. Please reconsider your choices, Claire. I love you.


I really hope I get this letter to her 15-year-old self. Maybe I could change her mind.

A few weeks ago, I was re-watching the season and I thought to myself, what would have happened in season 2? And then the idea came to me. I can make up what happened in season two and share it with all you MSCL lovers.

The season would start off with Jordan and Angela together. Angela is 16 now, and as she matures she realizes that besides from the fact that he’s hot, Jordan can’t read or write, he is super quiet with almost no personality and he’s not the smartest tool in the shed. His looks even start to bore her, so she dumps him. He spends the rest of the season learning to write and read so he can win her back.

You know that thing called puberty? Yeah. Brian went through it. He went through it WELL. Brian is super hot now, maybe even hotter than Jordan, and Angela realizes that she’s in love with him. Even though Brian recognizes that she only starts to develop feelings for him when he’s attractive, he goes for her. This makes Jordan even more determined to win her back, and when things start to get more serious between Angela and Brian, Angela discovers she still has tiny tiny feelings for Jordan. She takes a break from him to figure herself out, and when Jordan reaches out to her, she hooks up with him.

Am I starting a “Team Brian” and “Team Jordan” thing here? I hope so.

Angela regrets hooking up with him and she made things super awkward. Nice going, Angela!! Angela ends up choosing Brian at the end of the season, even though Jordan learned to write and read for her. It’s okay, though! I WILL DATE YOU, JORDAN CATALANO! AS LONG AS YOU LEARN TO READ AND WRITE FOR ME!

Rickie comes to terms with his sexuality and comes out of the closet. Everyone at school bullies him about being gay, and slowly Rickie’s confidence and self-esteem drops. He becomes depressed and starts harming himself. Angela and Rayanne don’t notice his change because they’re too busy with their own boy problems. One day, Rickie gives up and decides to try and commit suicide. A boy named Zane reaches out to him and tries to save him. He also tells Rickie his story: He too was bullied for being gay, but he decided to join a group of LGTB teens for help. Rickie ends up joining the group too. And falling in love with Zane.

EEP! All of you have to be shipping Zickie right now.

Angela’s Dad, Graham, starts the restaurant with Hallie. Patty, Angela’s Mom, starts to get even more suspicious that Graham and Hallie are having an affair. She starts spying on him and her, and once she found out he wasn’t cheating, he catches her spying. He lost all his trust in her, and is sad she would have thought he would have cheated, so they temporarily split up. THEY GET BACK TOGETHER AT THE END OF THE SEASON, THOUGH!! SPOILER ALERT.

It’s actually not a spoiler alert. Because it’s never going to happen. :'(

Like Brian, Danielle has also gone through puberty, and is now 13. Being in seventh grade is pretty crappy. Trust me, I would know. The worst thing about 7th grade is the fact that kids are starting to get into drugs and drinking. With Danielle’s parents separated and Angela focused on Jordan and Brian, she’s alone. She started looking to her new friends for comfort, and those friends were…. stupid. They got her into drugs, drinking… Danielle even got arrested at one point for shoplifting. Angela and Patty are completely clueless. Rayanne, on the other hand, who is 100% clean, notices that Danielle is struggling. She had struggled with the same things too before coming clean. Rayanne helps her stop all those bad things, and they become really close.

Rayanne. You wouldn’t believe what happens to her in the second season! She’s 100% sober, and has started a whole new life. She’s doing things that actually help others, like helping Danielle. What has inspired all this positiveness? Well, there’s this hot new British exchange student at school named Charles. Charles and Rayanne fall in love, date all through high school, and end up getting married (when they’re older)!!!! The awesome thing about Charles, though, is that he’s royalty. After marriage, Charles and Rayanne move to England to live in his family’s CASTLE. Cool, right?

Oh, wait a second. THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!! A.J. Langer, the actress who plays Rayanne, actually did marry Charles Courtenay, AKA Lord Courtenay. He is the son of the Earl of Devon. So, yeah… Rayanne is royalty.

That’s it for season 2! What do you think happens in season 3? Leave me a comment below, or talk to me on my Twitter or tumblr! Thanks for reading!!

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