FRESH GIGGLES What Are You Doing For New Year's? Jill Kushner

Shhhhhh!!!!  I don’t know!  Or, maybe … wait for it … nothing.  A lot of people feel pressure, which they occasionally disguise as enthusiasm, to have the perfect New Year’s Eve plans.  For me, if I’m going to do something on this particular night, I prefer to be out of town with a small group of people or in town at someone’s house with a small group of people.  You won’t find me, for instance, on The Intrepid with the opposite of a small group of people. Or at a jam-packed celebrity hosted-night club or worst of all, party-hopping.

Attempting to move around on New Year’s Eve is a logistical nightmare. The whole night becomes about trying to contact people and just missing them at each place you get to.  It’s like leaving a note for someone on that Burning Man bulletin board in the center of “the city”.  Don’t get me started on Burning Man.  Or their liar city.  It’s not a city!  You’re just saying it’s one for 5-8 days. I’ll stop.   My point is that you just end up chasing the party.  It’s exhausting and you never stand still and have fun.   Oh my God, I’m turning into my mother.  And I’m convinced this chaos happens even in the smallest of towns on New Year’s Eve.  I heard Grover’s Corners does a “Pimps and Hoes” themed party that’s absolutely insane.

I’ve actually felt this way about New Year’s Eve for a long time.  I’m hardly anti-New Year’s Eve, by the way.  I just don’t like to be out with a stadium full of my best friends.  When I lived in New York and I realized that cabs were impossible and party hopping was a pain, my friends and I started going skiing in Vermont for New Year’s.  Cabins are excellent party spots.   They are also excellent get-killed-in spots.  But that’s more for horror movies.   My friend, Cathy, has the right idea.  She has an annual December 30th party.  Everyone comes – all the people who either don’t like to go out New Year’s Eve or who already have five different sets of plan on New Year’s Eve.  They’re all there.  It’s genius.  She’s like a doctor of partyology.  She should be knighted.  And I should probably get a better handle on what they knight people for.

I pretty much love staying in on New Year’s Eve.  I drink some champagne, watch big crowds of people who chose to be in all of the right places on TV and I think about the year to come.  I do the same thing on Rosh Hashana.  Have you seen Times Square on Rosh Hashana???  Madhouse.  Total couch night for me.

I’m just realizing that I wrote my Chanukah column 3 weeks before Chanukah. And I’ve written this New Year’s Eve column with the same nearly 3 weeks in advance leeway.   Apparently, I think I work for Hallmark and get a chunk of any retail dollars that you’ll spend on shopping for each holiday.

So, Happy Everything!!!!!!!!

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  1. New Years Eve always sucks, I’m glad I’m not alone in this haha. I plan on staying in this year, eating good food, and watching the new years countdown on tv.

  2. I totally agree with you! Staying in with a group of people is absolutely my top choice for New Years!

  3. Ive had to work every news years eve for the past 6 years. I just started a new job and will be free this year. just in time for my baby sister to turn 21 ON new years eve. I also am excited to spend my first new years with my loving boy friend. There is a concert with the lovely band Good Old War that we will be attending with friends. Im so happy and excited to finally spend the new year wih the ones I love.

  4. I hate New Year’s Eve! Everybody wants it to be the best night ever and it just ends up sucking.

  5. I love staying in for New Years! My husband teases me that of 3 of the 4 years we’ve been together he’s had to wake me up for the midnight count down… I think it stems from some of the disappointed party-chasing days I had in high school and college. Now I find I’m happiest if I have a solid plan with a group of friends (either to stay in, or the occasional year actually go to a restaurant hosted event). If no plans come up, I’m just as happy laying on my couch with a good movie and the alarm set in time for the fireworks on TV