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Wet N Wild: Don't Call it a Comeback, But I'm Having a Moment With Their Lipstick Right Now.

Wet N Wild has always held a special place in my heart, as it is easily the most embarrassing drugstore brand in existence. Just a mere glance at the display transports me back to a very notable time in my life, during which I wore a lot of glitter, dabbled in chunky highlights and inadvertently licked guacamole off my then-boyfriend’s braces. I was 13 and times were tough.

But when I was dancing through the aisles of CVS the other day, nostalgia took the wheel and I found myself drawn to the Wet N Wild Megalast Lip Color. I’m the world’s biggest sucker for lipstick and recession-friendly prices ($3! No, you hang up first!), so of course I was like, let’s do this.

I picked up 903C Just Peachy (a peachy pink nude), 905D Smokin’ Hot Pink (… a hot pink) and 911D Stoplight Red (which is red). This line is semi-matte, meaning that if you’re prone to dry lips, try my three-step process to making matte lips work for you: 1. Exfoliate. 2. Moisturize. 3. Pray.

Can you tell which of the following is NARS Carthage ($25… I know: look at my life; look at my choices), which is MAC Ruby Woo ($14.50), which is Wet N Wild Stoplight Red and which is Wet N Wild Smokin’ Hot Pink?

Don’t lie. You can’t. But the answers are (left to right): MAC Ruby Woo, Wet N Wild Stoplight, Wet N Wild Smokin’ Hot Pink and NARS Carthage.

Anyway, the Wet N Wild lipsticks are crazy pigmented, velvety and true to color.

Here’s Smokin’ Hot Pink: Are my lips and this lipstick not complete clones? Nothing’s worse than when you do something silly like assume that the advertised color is going to have any semblance of a relationship to the applied color only to discover that it so does not. None of that is happening here!

This is Just Peachy. It allows me to skate on the very fine line between “late for a Jersey Shore casting call” and “racially ambiguous Audrey Hepburn”, which I love. I actually think this color would look infinitely better on someone with fairer skin than I have, but I’m sure it’ll get some mileage somewhere down the line.

And this is Stoplight Red. I am seriously losing my mind over the fact that this was only $3 because it’s nearly identical to Ruby Woo, way less drying and did I mention that it was only $3? Losing. It.

I’m not wearing lip liner in any of these pictures, but if you want to take Stoplight Red (or any red) out on the town and you’re nervous about it rubbing off and no one telling you, just apply lip liner all over your lips, apply your lipstick, blot and reapply, and get out there, slugger!

Also, when I wiped off Stoplight Red, I noticed that it left a really flattering and even popsicle stain on my lips. Therefore: If you’re ever out and you realize you left your tube of Stoplight Red at home, don’t panic. Carefully rub it all off and then throw some sheer pink gloss (… please don’t tell me you left your sheer pink gloss at home too) on top and you’ll be left with something that looks intentional, and that’s all that matters:

The moral of this story is that Wet N Wild, unlike my snack-loving junior high boyfriend, has redeemed itself. I’m presently having a moment with their lipstick and I suggest that you do the same.

  • Elizabeth McDonald

    Oh no! I really want these but I can’t get them in the UK! T_____T Does anyone know how I’d be able to get hold of them?

    • Stephenie Danelisky

      Maybe try That’s where I order a lot of items that are unavailable in Canada, although I’ve never checked for Wet’nWild (as it is available widely here).

  • Amber Morris

    Huh, I’ll have to give it another try. For me, in middle school it was always #528 a gloriously frosty pink. Ah…. memories…

  • Daneisha Lynette

    Forget the lips! I’m totally in lust with your eyeliner!

    • Filleosophy

      Thank you! I love eyeliner. :3

  • Lauren M. Blanchard

    I feel better about myself now, as I’ve been usuing their lipstick in secret all summer. I’ve really been into cheapo drug store make-up lately (because I can’t afford Sephora) and I’ve been pretty down on myself because of it. Never mind that I Have been getting compliments

    • Filleosophy

      If anything, you should be UP on yourself for saving money by using drugstore brands! There’s plenty of drugstore stuff out there that works as well as or better than some mid- and high-ranged brands. No shame in that!

  • Stephenie Danelisky

    The Just Peachy looks rad as hell on you. As for Wet’nWild, I purchase their nail polish with abandon because it’s cheap, and lasts a solid week for pedicures (which I change often in the summer!). OH! And although I’ve been majorly feeling the Physicians Formula eyeliner pens w/lash serum in them as of late, the Wet’nWild black liquid eyeliner is a solid, solid product. That’s why it’s always so difficult to find on the shelves!

    • Filleosophy

      Thanks, girl! I haven’t tried the Physician’s Formula eyeliner, but I might have to give it a try now. What exactly does this “lash serum” do?

  • Emily June

    hahah i just bought stop light red the other day, the wet n wild display was the last one i hit and had the best red i could find… maybe it is a comeback

  • Mariana Gonçalves

    loved the red one and the peachy!

  • Samual Vongsa

    Thanks to all of you gals who posted comments before me, I’ll be making a stop at my local drug store. And I love the just peachy on you! Peachy pink is like, my fave shade of any medium of make up. I’m obsessed and grateful for this post.

  • Liz Lozier Farrar

    You have the BEST beauty tips. I live for them. And it doesn’t hurt that you’re gorgeous while recommending these awesome things. Going to get one to try next time I’m at the store!

    • Filleosophy

      Thank you! You’re too kind.

  • Corrine Conforti

    I love Wet n Wild! I’ve been using their mascara for years. The main thing I like about them is they do not test on animals and I always try to buy beauty products (or any product for that matter) that has not been needlessly smeared on some poor rabbit. Therefore I have never been ashamed to say I use Wet n Wild! I don’t like their cover up powder, it makes your skin dry out. But their other stuff is great! I love that peachy color, think I’ll have to go pick some of that up!

  • Andra Shannon

    Girl, you have some gorgeous lips! Thanks for the ideas; I need to learn to wear lipstick more. I’m definitely gonna go find me a couple of these $3 beauties.

  • Julia Hays

    Looks great! I’m always hesitant about trying red lipstick. I’m never sure if it works with my skin tone, and I’m constantly worried about getting it all over the place, but I really want to pull it off!

  • Kaitlyn Shore

    I don’t even wear lipstick but I’m considering changing my ways based on this article!

  • Marcela Xavier

    Urgh! Ruby Woo does make my lips dry. I need to re-think my life choices and stop going after the HIP and start chasing the.. well…. others.

  • Jen Aguilar

    After being strongly against wearing anything on my lips, I think It’s time to wear lipstick, you’ve inspired me!

  • Ashley Gilbertson

    wow, taking me back! I cant tell you how much wet n wild i used to own, haha! just peachy is EXACTLY the color i’ve been hoping to find for my wedding, which is this saturday! so thank you for this, I will be making a trip to CVS today!

  • Amy Susanne

    not to totally change the subject, but i *love* that pillow behind you in the pics. where did you get it?

  • Dana DeRuyck

    Just Peachy. NEED. And GURL, you have full-on inspired me to give liquid eyeliner another go.

  • Crysti Stevenson

    I used to wear reds all the time, they were my staple….but as I’ve gotten older (43) my lippies are disappearing :( So reds don’t look so hot… BUT love that peachy color, if it’s not too orange! I LOVE a 60’s nude lippie and this looks hot, helps that you have great lips! Maybe will give it a shot for $3 smackaroos! Thanks!

  • Ardee Horne

    I’m a lifetime user of Ruby Woo. Heck, I always have a tube or two that’s extra stash. But tonight I went to CVS and fell in love with the Wet & Wild Stoplight Red. Amazing. I got two tubes because I’m obsessive compulsive like that.

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