Today, we will briefly discuss the unbridled brilliance of Wes Anderson while I take you through a visual journey of his best character creations. Ready?

Wes Anderson is an American film director and screenwriter. Anderson’s films combine dry humor with amazing portrayals of flawed characters. That combined with the use of folk and early rock music for his soundtracks is nothing short of brilliant! Five of Anderson’s seven films have received critical acclaim with his most well-reviewed being Moonrise Kingdom. Others includeThe Royal Tenenbaums, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Bottle Rocket. 

Here are my favorite characters, I’d love to hear yours.

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  • Emily Luna

    I’m surprised to not see the amazing Max Fischer ( Jason Schwartzman) from Rushmore on the list. In my opinion he is the best character Anderson has ever created. With lines like these, how can you not love him!? “Maybe I’m spending too much of my time starting up clubs and putting on plays. I should probably be trying harder to score chicks.” or this quote he said to his teacher who he is in love with “The truth is, neither one of us has the slightest idea where this relationship is going. We can’t predict the future.”

  • Ginette Lafit

    Margot Tenembaum (The Franny/Zooey Anderonian character) love her and the incredible Max Fischer the worst student ever at Rushmore (the Holden Cauldfield of the Anderson movies)

  • Emily Swanson Perry

    Any character played by Jason Schwartzman

  • Hannah Marie

    I am shocked and disappointed to see there are no characters on this list 1. Played by the incomparable Jason Schwartzman or 2. From The Darjeeling Limited.

    That being said, top two are Francis (Owen Wilson, Darjeeling Limited), and Scout Master Ward (Ed Norton, Moonrise Kingdom)

  • Halley Beth

    Don’t forget Klaus (from The Life Aquatic from Steve Zissou)! 😉

  • Meredith W. Park

    seriously…bless this post in every way..

  • Eliza Louise

    Surely Roald Dahl should get some credit for Mr. Fox?

  • Christina Martinez

    Not only is he amazing at character development, his selection of music for the films are always top notch.

  • Gina Perry

    I love this post so hard. Zissou of course.

  • Breanna Lucia

    klaus & dignan

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