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15 Weird Things You Can Only Tell Your Best Friend

Look, we know you’re weird. We’re weird, too. But only one person needs to know exactly how weird you really are. And that’s your best friend. When you’ve done something that’s just completely fly-to-Miami-to-see-some-guy-you-met-last-night crazy, you know she’s not going to judge you for it – or worse – tell anyone.

Here are 15 of the weirdest things that you told your best friend, because you just had to tell someone, and your cat can’t be trusted.

1. You’re still not totally, exactly sure what twerking is.

2. Sometimes you put your gchat status on invisible when you see that Amanda has signed on.

3. You have a recurring dream where Alec Baldwin is eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while ironing his shirt in your living room. Naked.

4. You haven’t downloaded a new song on iTunes since 2006.

5. You once spent an entire paycheck trying to save a squirrel that you saw get hit by a bus.

6. You basically like don’t wash your hair anymore. Hello!? Dry shampoo!

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