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Hey, hey, hey it’s the bi-weekly forum recap, ya’ll! We have so many fabulous participants in the forum right now. (I’m lookin’ at you, brightasyellow!) The more the merrier though, right? If you have yet to meander over to the forum, I’m here to let you what’s been going on. This week, I looked at the site suggestions to see what everyone would like to see more of. The most replies happened to be for sports. Please hold while I do my delightfully awkward, white girl happy dance.

I was born into a tortured, Red Sox-loving family, so baseball has been with me since birth. Last October, I decided to fully embrace my inner-Angelino and root for an LA-based team. It was love at first fight with the LA Kings (who are truly kicking-ass in the NHL playoffs right now, BTW). Not an exaggeration either. Kevin Westgarth, one of the resident enforcers on the Kings, got into a scrap that resulted in a broken nose. He skated off the ice into the penalty box with a blood spattered jersey and a toothless smile. It was a shocking image, but pretty magnificent at the same time. What exactly is my point here? I love sports! I also love that YOU, gigglers, love sports too.

Have you met Heather Dowling? She happens to be the brilliant mind behind “Romance and the Boys of Summer”and Lakers Jersey for Him = Jimmy Choos for Her? Also, our own Kourtney Bitterly just introduced you to the mystical new world that is the Bikini Hockey League. There’s much more where this came from, ladies and gents. Live and televised sporting events are a wonderful part of our world. No matter what team you root for, even if it’s the Yankees….(gasp!), you understand the loyalty, the devotion, the excitement and sometimes heartache that goes into being a sports fan. This instinctual commonality may pit us against each other in the stands or at the bar, but it also helps us understand each other.

You have asked, and you have received. So keep asking! We aim to please, gigglers! Let us know what else you’d like us to cover in the Site Suggestions section of our fabulous forum.

Fave Forum Comment:

Re: Sports.

Ptree82 » Fri Dec 02, 2011 2:14 pm

Agreed!! That would be really great! We could share health/fitness tips with each other, motivate each other. And well, the sports would probably turn into smack talk BUT friendly smack talk lol.
Let’s Go Mets!!

Thanks for your comment, Ptree82. I agree, friendly smack talk only. So……..Go SOX!


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